Breathe in…

Breathe Instill inspired by Birgit’s Art Journal Journey’s Less is More” challenge I got busy in my spiral bound journal gluing pages together and adding a light coat of white gesso…

Breathe In (3)

another special Renaissance image paired with a lotus blossom hat…

Breathe In (4)

along with another lotus photograph we took at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens added to a page with many layers of different kinds of paint and colored pencil…

Breathe In (1)

my tea mug holds a good two cups worth of tea which kept me company while I doodled and scratched in some shadows and finishing touches…

Breathe In (5)

I had most of this blog post ready to post but we had to make an emergency trip to California on 13 September (approximately 2,500 miles/4,023 km

Sonoma Coast State Park CA

to be with our eldest son (who is doing much better nowand there was hardly any time to be plugged in while we traveled…

Golden Gate Bridge SF CA 18 Sept 13

we did manage to walk back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco which is something we had always wanted to do…

Russian River Pacific Ocean Jenner CA

hoping you are well

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27 responses to “Breathe in…

  1. My best to your son………good to know he’s better.
    Ok, you get the ‘brave’ award. I don’t know if I could walk across that bridge! That’s pretty high!!!
    Love you, Missy.

  2. this is an amazing spread Patty – I love this face with the lotus hat .. wonderful! Hope really your son feels better now and wonderful impressions of the Golden Gate Bridge! Thank you! Have a nice weekend my dear Patty! And a good weekend to Mr. Magpie too!

  3. Oh you were in California :)!!
    So close to where we are & it looks like you managed to catch some sights!

  4. Wonderful work!! I like it very much. Great colors.
    Hope your son feels better now!

  5. Glad your son is okay!
    I love that face! Great pages! And pretty cup of double tea, too.
    But, most important–your son is okay. :)

  6. You are such a brave soul, my friend ~ the height of the bridge alone would have me in a cold sweat! So glad your son is better and that your travels were safe. Your latest work looks like the perfect project for re-acclimation. Lovely!

  7. Oh Patty, good to hear your son is better again! All the best to him!
    Your journal page is a real beauty. I love what you did!

  8. so glad to know your son is alright. Those kinds of scares we can do without, right?
    Love the journal spread. It feels like ages since I have played in mine.
    Hope you have a terrific weekend.

  9. Patty ,dear , I am thinking what a difficult and very long journy,this have been, and am so happy for you and your husbond, that all is well again! I know in my heart it is a huge reliefe. My daughter alwayes have had 13 as her lucky number ,and It is wonderful it turned out to be that, for you,also.
    Your new pages are so beautiful, and I so love the one with your “paper” umbrella and the most stunning lotus flower photo . The girl from Renaissance period, is so special with the lotus hat ,and together they make a wonderful advice of living in beauty!!!
    Thank you sweetest friend for your special words to me today, I will bring them with me, the next dayes!!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  10. Beautiful journal pages Patty. Where do you find these images? I love them. Glad to hear your son is doing better :) Have a wonderful weekend!! ~Sophia

  11. So glad he is doing better. Walking the Golden Gate sounds very cool….like a bucket list item.

  12. Hope your son is on the mend Patty. Luscious pages!….but don’t forget to breathe out too….and in again…in rotation.

  13. Beautiful pages, Patty. I especially like the lotus blossom hat and the lovely collage on the right side page with the blue print frame.

  14. Oh Patty that couldn’t have been a good trip. I’m am very happy to heat though that it turned out better with your son on the upswing of whatever the trouble was. The walk across the bridge would have been an uplifting experience too.

  15. I do hope your son is okay and quickly on the mend. I will keep positive thoughts for him and all.

    Fabulous pages!

    Thinking of you! xxoo M

  16. Beautiful pages Patty and so is the mug. I’m sorry to hear about your son and I do hope that he will be alright soon.

  17. When I saw these pages, I thought “abandon,” because it looked like you had gone at them with wild abandon. The photo of the lotus flower in the garden caught my eye because I immediately recognized your favorite umbrella.

    I was glad to read that your son is getting better and things are improving both figuratively and literally. I hope you have a lovely remainder of the weekend.

  18. These are stunning pages Patty!
    Glad to hear your son is doing better, it must have been such a worry!
    Alison xxx

  19. Patty, these pictures are beautiful. I’m just amazed what beauty you coax out of the pages of a spiral notebook!!!!!!! You are a true artist. xoxox

  20. Gorgeous spread and beautiful colors and texture. She is such a beauty with her lotus hat. Glad to hear all is on a good way.
    Btw: you own an exquisite collection of cups.

  21. I am so sorry to hear that your son has not been well, but how he must have appreciated your visit. Kudos for walking over the Golden Gate Bridge! I’m sure it was breathtaking on several levels. Your journal spread is so fantastic with such a meaningful message. And, I, too, like a double mug of tea!! :)

  22. I was wondering why I didn’t see any of your post in my email, I’m singing to hear your Son is okay. Your pages are GORGEOUS, think they might be my favorite, okay I might have said that before :), I love everything you make, the lovely green background, that beautiful face, a lotus hat,love it and your fabulous umbrella, with another lotus, sooooo beautiful… Wow I might get to one side but have to go back, scary :), kudos for you and Mr Magpie, stunning photos, thanks for sharing it all with us…

  23. Love that big old mug!!!!! Glad you made it to California and back! One never knows what tomorrow will bring!!

  24. It must have been a difficult trip to make knowing your son was ill. I hope and pray is completely well now . Your journal pages have such a soothing color combination. Love how you brought both pages together with the gorgeous lotus flowers too. Good for you to walk across that bridge-oh my, I get dizzy just looking at it…

  25. Great pages, beautiful!

  26. I hope your son is doing much better now. So sad that you had to visit beautiful California in an emergency… It seems that you were close to where I’m living. The first CA photo is Goat Rock along Hwy 1, isn’t it? It’s one of my favorite beach destinations, just an hour from where I live.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts means a lot to me and I appreciate your visit very much oxo

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