Mandala Monday: End of September Roses

Sept Roseswe returned from our week at the beach to find that some of our roses had taken a second breath and produced some late summer blooms…

Sept Roses (2)

so I did a little clipping to tidy the garden a bit…

Sept Roses (3)two climbing roses for the center (pink China Girl and red fragrant Don Juan)…

Sept Roses (4)

with pink Fairy Roses …variegated privet leaves and a few bits of white pine for today’s Mandala Monday with Dawn of Girl Unwinding

farewell September ♥

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23 responses to “Mandala Monday: End of September Roses

  1. I love your mandalas. I am thinking it would be a happy occupation to make them, first choosing the flowers and leaves, then arranging them in a pleasing pattern..

  2. I think your blog is just beautiful and uplifting! I was introduced to it by my blog ‘Magpie Cousin’ Dianne Marcoux from Canada. I am from the UK and my blog is called Magpieheaven. Thank you for sharing such beauty here. Julie Ann xx

  3. This Mandala is amazing Patty; so beautifully arranged and visually gorgeous. Also; thank you for your lovely and supportive comments on my Blog. xxoo Marilyn

  4. wonderful post Patty my dear friend!
    have a good new week!
    Tomorrow starts the new theme over on AJJ!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful entries you made for us this month!


  5. Lovely, as always. I wonder what October will bring?

  6. Beautiful blooms Patty! I love the green dish they are in too! xxx

  7. Beautiful, Patty, and I love the colors here.

  8. beautiful!!! my sweet roses are still full of beetles! went to take a sky shot of one yesterday and put it on the computer only to see beetle legs…happy monday, dear patty…i love your mandalas.

  9. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to your precious garden mandalas Patty. Each one fills my heart with joy. You have such beautiful things to create your nature’s masterpieces with and I love how you compose them so well. Thank you for your inspirations. A visit to you always makes my day brighter :)

  10. I love your Mandala Mondays, dear Patty….you are so creative and use the beauty of creation to showcase the colors, textures, and shapes! xoxo

  11. WOW!! It’s GORGEOUS!! I love the pinks and greens together, WOW!! So happy you played along today and that you had some leftover roses to use before fall/winter are upon us.
    I have a mandala too and hope to see you tomorrow for T time as well.

    Happy Monday!

  12. I just now logged onto my blog and saw your comment, then saw your post listed on my sidebar. I must have slept through late yesterday and today, because I completely forgot about Mandala Monday. And of course, I had nothing prepared. Looks like Dawn didn’t make it, either.

    This is a beautiful mandala, all pink and green. It actually reminds me of springtime. It might also be a Christmas mandala, with your choice of “backgrounds,” the green plate. Truly lovely, and well thought through.

    Thanks for making Mandala Monday memorable for me.

  13. How wonderful to be welcomed home by your roses. I love the photo of the mandala in progress – the heart bowls filled with rose, the extra greenery and shears. And, the plate is a favorite color of mine (is it Fiesta?) Thank goodness for photography so you can preserve all your fantastic mandalas at least in images. Now, if you could just work on incorporating the scent into those images!!!

  14. Roses are the most rewarding of all plants…if taken care of, as yours are. Unfortunately they are not for my climate and dreadful soil. Still, I have them vicariously via your mandalas and photos. Pity I don’t have the perfume.

  15. Stunning colour choises ,my dear friend…the flowers jump from that turquise plate ,and it looks so beautiful.
    As I wrote on fb, I also still have roses flowering, not that many, but they are beautiful, I hope they will last a little while , but know that they predicted night frost, the time can be limited !!
    Have a lovely afternoon and evening Patty,- I send you a warm hug.

  16. Gorgeous! They look wonderful on the Fiesta!

  17. So beautiful…. I can’t believe the month has gone so quickly and fall is officially here. The cooler temps will be nice change. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous Mandalas with us!! ~Sophia

  18. I am loving VA! a few roses left here in Chesapeake too! Was thinking of you on your trip too… looks like it was a lovely vacation!

  19. Isn’t it beautiful when the roses do a late summer bloom? Turning them into such a beautiful mandala is particularly pretty – I like it a lot!

  20. So pretty. It was fun to follow your week on facebook. Gosh, that was a gorgeous place.

  21. Beautiful as always!!! Goodbye September!

  22. Hello my sweet Patty, what a lovel bunch of comments, it’s wonderful to read how you make everyone happy (as well as I) with your breath taking photos and the visual ecstasy, you create with your mandalas, this one is exquisite, I can’t wait till you do a fall one, fall colors move me, make me really happy LOL. Thanks for sharing your creativity..

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