Ocracoke Yaupon Tea

Ocracoke Villagemissing the sea air and laughing ducks at our getaway on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina…

Ocracoke Lighthouse Collage

snapping photos of the lighthouse kept us busy each and every day…

Ocracoke Lighthous Drawing

we could not help ourselves…

THE Lighthousewe found it winking at us all around the village…

Ocracoke Village Collage

we probably took an equal number of sunset and sunrise photos but I will spare you those…

Ocracoke Island Birds

being on the water with so many shades of blue reflected and dancing all through the day and night was most enjoyable…

Harbor View condo

Mr Magpie found a duck teapot on a top shelf where we were staying which called for some local Yaupon Tea

Outer Banks Yaupon Tea

it was very tasty especially with delicious buttery scones on our favorite octopus plate (the best scones we’ve had since our trip to the UK)

Harbor View condo (1)

here’s wishing you a lovely start to your October…Harbor View condo (2)

as I join Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T today from back home in Northern Virginia…

Outer Banks wildlifethank you very much for your visit to my Magpie’s Nest ♥

One Ocracoke SunsetOK maybe just one sunset…

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35 responses to “Ocracoke Yaupon Tea

  1. Each photo collage is more beautiful than the last and leave me yearning for more summer. Thank you for sharing your trip photos and I’m glad you included the sunset. Happy T Tuesday.

  2. Fun to visit through your beautiful photos of the trip. I too like being near or on the water. Another new to me tea to try too.


  3. your photos make me want to go back! thx so much for these fond memories :) i don’t remember yaupon tea, tho. i’m not sure if i missed it or if it’s just been so long ago i’ve forgotten.

  4. Love the photo collages. And oh that sunset!! glad you threw one in. :)
    Happy Tuesday.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Do love the sunset! Getting away from it all is such a wonderful thing! Happy T Tuesday!

  6. Beautiful. Nice to see these again, Patty.

  7. Your photos are sooo GORGEOUS! love the water and birds, clouds, lighthouse and sunset! I think I want to travel with you… thank you for the beauty and inspiration…

  8. Hey Miss Magpie, outstanding photos, as always, I can see why you would be missing it, it looks fabulous there, excellent photos of that light house, love the wooden mermaid, and all those birds are just beautiful, a duck teapot how kool is that, love your cups too on that stunning table. How interesting about Yaupon tea, I will have to have a look around here to see if I can find any.. The Ocracoke, looks like a fabulous place and I bet it smell like heaven when you visit there. Oh man it has been a PLEASURE visiting you today, I have a huge smile on my face, which will stay there all day, thank you so much for that, you made my day. I put a shout out on my blog for you I have been wanting to share your blog for a long time now. Please thank My Magpie for the stunning sunset photo, big hugs to you both..

  9. amazing impression Patty!
    a fabulous Tea Party!

  10. Fantastic post with great pictures! Thank you for taking the time to share your POV with your nice post! Love the Sunset and the pelican shots, how cool! Have a great day!

  11. LOVE ALL your pictures!!! And yes, YOU must ALWAYS include a sun set. I got the west coast sun rise this week, but no sunset :(

  12. Beautiful photos Patty!!! The lighthouses are gorgeous. Love all the photos of the wildlife. Amazing!!! Happy October to you too :) ~Sophia

  13. Thanks so much for all the amazing and gorgeous pictures. What a great place to be in, so relaxing and peaceful. I am so glad you shared the sunset picture, those are always my favorite, hope you share more later. Cute octopus plate!
    So glad to see you here today, my thumb is throbbing but I’m typing away the pain, haha. Happy T time to you!

  14. One amazingly beautiful sunset, Patty,-I am happy you showed :-)
    and oh how I love your photo collage with the ducks and other sea birds..it must have been so gorgeous to see those so close,-and then “bringing” one inside to use for tea on your special table ,too-lol- what a view from there. The light house is wonderful from all corners, dearest .
    Much love and hugs, Dorthe

  15. I’m a sucker for lighthouses and beach birds; I’d love it there. The photos are really terrific! Seeing those scones makes me want to rush to the kitchen and make some!

  16. I feel like I’ve been there…thanks to your photos. What a lovely place for some R & R.

  17. Patty these are wonderful photos again.

  18. Oh, I feel the need to go to the coast right now! But I need to stay home and do things like laundry and mopping. So I’ll just enjoy your gorgeous photos instead. :)

    BTW, I love that skull & crossbones mug. So cute, in a piratical sort of way. :)

  19. Thank you for taking the time to share this beautiful place with us.

  20. Wonderful photos that make me want to travel there next!

  21. You take the most stunning photos! And the montages are beautifully put together. I love your tea-table and it’s good to know we can make good scones here in the UK!. Thank-you so very much for visiting my blog and I am delighted to find you :).

  22. You can show us all the sunrises and sunsets you want…that picture is spectacular. I also love the lighhouses – wish we lived close to one, but we’re completely landlocked here.

  23. I stopped by earlier and my computer hung up about half way through reading your post. When I got back on, I couldn’t get any page to load, not even my blog. So, I shut down, and made lunch. Then my kitchen sink plugged up. Still working on it, but needed to resume visiting my T friends.

    Love the tea pot with the table. Simply perfect. And of course, who can forget that lighthouse? I can see why you took so many wonderful shots of it.

    I got a laugh out of several of the signs you captured. That was so fun to see. I adored your trip and felt like you took me along. Also, thanks for joining T today. I really appreciate it along with your memorable photos.

  24. Fabulous photos. That lighthouse looks magnificent. I like the duck teapot. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

  25. Your photos are gorgeous – you really captured the beauty and essence of Ocracoke! It’s been a long time since I have been there (it was so much easier to get there when I lived in Northern Virginia) so I enjoyed the chance to ‘visit’ again. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments.

  26. What a lovely share today. I especially like the lighthouses, birds and the still life of the tables= by the window.

  27. Beautiful views and photos! I find that plate with the octopus, on it, so delightful! xxoo

  28. Looks like a beautiful trip. I love your lighthouse photos. My parents went to Sydney a few years ago and came back with at least 100 photos with the Opera House either featured or in the background.

  29. sighing here…looks like a wonderful place…always happy for sunsets and rises…xo

  30. Love all your photos! That yaupon tea sounds intriguing. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  31. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos Patty…it looks like an idyllic place to stay. I adore that duck teapot…what a wonderful find…clever Mr Magpie!
    Alison xxx

  32. oh what beautiful collages Patty!! Perhaps one day I’ll get to see that lighthouse… I know what you mean about all the photos-I’m still trying to edit and pick mine out from our Cape May trip. One can never have too many photos of the beach and it’s surroundings…That last sunset is just stunning! Thankfully I just learned today how to make photo collages like yours in PicMonkey :) I just need to get it all together now.

  33. Oh your bird mosaic Patty – the pelicans are fascinating!
    Jim’s sunset is a perfect finish to your post!
    Shane x

  34. beautiful photostream. love the octopus plate and the duck teapot and the table and……nearly everything

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