who were those masked ‘bandits’…

the gang's all here Cedar Waxwings (1)what to my delight when I looked out the window this morning…

Cedar Waxwings visiting

there was a flurry of activity around our farm pump water fountain…

Masked Cedar Waxwings

I was not familiar with these masked birds who were so busy making them quite challenging to photograph…

Cedar Waxwing waiting in Wisteria

a little searching and I found out they are Cedar Waxwings

Busy Cedar Waxwings

getting their names from their waxy red tipped feathers looking as if they’d been dipped in sealing wax…

the gang's all here Cedar Waxwings

more red tipped feathers are considered very attractive to the female Cedar Waxwings…

Water break Cedar Waxwings

they stayed only a short while as they still had many miles to travel on their journey south…

Hosta Sun

I ♥ Nature and am so grateful for the many ways it touches my life…

William Cullen Bryant Autumn quote

timing is everything … if I had not looked out the window when I did I would have missed their visit…

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34 responses to “who were those masked ‘bandits’…

  1. It’s lovely when migrating birds stopover on their way. We occasionally get some unusual birds visit too.

  2. Oh, Patty! Those are absolutely beautiful birds. I’ve never seen them either. Looks like somewhere on the evolutionary train someone in their line hooked up with a raccoon! Wish they would come here…!

  3. Beautiful set of photos, Patty. I know about Cedar Waxwings — but I never knew about their color-tipped tails. How did I miss that??!

  4. Dear Patty, what a most wonderful visit you had, and such luck being able to make some photoes of them. They are amazing ,w and red in all the grey feathers.
    You have had an exiting morning dearest friend.

  5. what fantastic birds Patty and what awesome autumnal post!
    I love it!

  6. aren’t they cool? i once had them all over my crab apple queen and had to look them up too!! happy autumn, dearest Patty *~*

  7. Patty; I’m happy the Cedar Waxwings decided to pay you and yours a visit! How neat! Great photos to share, with us, thank you! xxoo

  8. How wonderful to see those fabulous waxwings Patty! Great photos! xxx

  9. Oh my goodness! You are so talented with the camera, just another of your many creative blessings – these are amazing shots and I love birds too. xo

  10. These birds are fabulous with their red tips and yellow tipped tails and their gangster masks. What a treat and how marvellous that you managed to get photographs to share.

  11. They ARE so beautiful! I am thankful that you looked outside when you did! And thank you for capturing them with your camera! It’s really the best way to be captured, isn’t it?!!!

  12. Wow! They are striking! :)

  13. What interesting looking birds and how wonderful that you were able to capture them with your camera!Thanks for sharing…I learned something new today!

  14. Thank you soooooo much for your touching comment on my blog :D sending Hugs and Kisses back!! It really makes my heart sing ♥ and of course you are in the lotterypot twice (because sharing it on FB too ;) to win a free place in the SOULFOOD Class ♥ Good luck :)
    Piaroms Art Journaling….So wunderful you introduced those beautiful guys who followed your invitation to drink your water ;) they look incredible with its yellow feathers!! and what is totally cool is the shot with the red leaves in front of that BLUe sky!! AMAZING! ♥ Conny

  15. Once again you have opened my eyes to a new experience as I have never seen such a bird and how beautifuly they are with that pop of colour on the tip.
    They certainly look so at home hanging out at your water pump!

  16. What lovely birds and how brilliantly you’ve captured them on camera! The natural world never fails to amaze and delight! Julie Ann xx

  17. They are beautiful. Of course, I’ve never seen a bird like that before. They really ARE stunning to look at, and only YOU could capture them. I’m always in awe of what you manage to capture in your camera.

  18. You have quite a flock of waxwings (Bombycilla)!

  19. Blue Jays are my favorite birds but these waxwings are a close second even though I have never seen any in person. When I see them in magazines or on other people’s blogs (you!) I alway sigh. I think they are truly lovely birds. Lucky ducky! Glad you got these shots off!

  20. Oh you lucky duck to see those Waxwings in person☺ I’ve been known to tear up a bit when something wonderful in nature surprises me like this…I know you get it. Clapping for that last tree capture too! xo

  21. What a nice open-the-curtains surprise:)

  22. Love those bandits! They look like they are up for anything and everything. Happy Autumn to you all!

  23. What a treat! I have heard of them but didn’t know they were this cute….please send them over to my feeder for a snack…tell them there’s great suet cake and two full feeders at 1607 Autumwood Drive!

  24. What a treat to get to see them on their visit!!! Our goal this fall/winter is to fill our bird feeders again. I haven’t for a few years and miss the feathered friends. We do see a lot of birds just in the bushes and trees but it’s fun to watch them at water and feeders. That’s a fine water feature you have there too!

  25. wow- what a perfectly beautiful moment in nature. And that you were able to not just see it but capture it in photos truly is special. I’ve never seen these birds in person-very cool! In Animal Speak the waxwing means “time for gentleness and sharing”. Thank you for sharing.

  26. The pictures are fabulous!!! Love all the visitors you get in your yard. Fantastic!!! Such a wonderful blessing to see them :) Have a great day!!! ~Sophia

  27. They are such attractive birds and so lucky you looked out when you did. We get a lot that travel to the UK for the winter but I’ve never been fortunate enough to have any in my garden.

  28. Fantastic photos. I especially love the last one – great bright colors.

  29. you guys have the most exotic birds visiting, how fab are thes. I had never heard of them before, let alone see them. Thanks Patty, for this peek in your splendid autumn!

  30. They sure are beautiful – and so are your photos! Hope all is well your way! We might get snow flurries here tonight ;)

  31. ooooh – how lovely! We were once visited by a flock on their way to southern clime (the one and only time I have seen them). They are beautiful birds!

  32. We get Cedar Wax wings every spring when our Service Berry tree produces fruit.
    They are really quite stunning birds.

  33. To your delight to our JOY, I have seen them in my sisters feeder in the summer in Norther Ont., you have the perfect place for them to stop for a wee rest and quench their thirst, they are the cutest bandits, aren’t they, thanks for sharing you blessing with us, it made my heart sing..

  34. You have the best wildlife in your garden……and you photograph it all so beautifully Patty.
    BTW Please give that other great photographer a hug from me ……

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