the door to happiness…

the theme over at Art Journal Journey this month is “Doors (all are welcome to join in) …

UK door sampler

I snapped quite a few photos of doors (and windows) while we were traveling in the UK this summer and decided to use a photograph I took in Oxford for my journal pages…

door journal pages supplies

using layers of paint (cheap paint worked great) and gesso slathered on with a plastic palette knife with a bit of rubber stamping…

Doors Art Journal Pages (1)

a few cuts on the door (printed on card stock) so that it would open…

Doors Art Journal Pages (2)and my pages were complete…

Doors Art Journal PagesI found it interesting where this door took me…

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33 responses to “the door to happiness…

  1. Al the pictures are really beautiful :)

  2. I love all your pictures of doors. (I like to take pictures of doors, too!) And aren’t you the clever one to use a print of one (such great detail) in your journal and cut the door so it opens revealing wonder.

  3. Absolutely amazingly wonderful pages, I do like your arches stamp and the other twirly stamp too, and your door which opens.

  4. Patty….I love doors! Great photos! And I love your journal pages!

  5. CHACKER, CHACKER, CHACKER, sorry Ladies that’s Magpie excited chatter, us magpies are soooo alike, I looooove doors and windows too and am always searching for them over the pond..
    EEKKSS love every doors, now I can’t believe it, well I can believe it :O) this is
    a**** BRILLIANT***** page,the pages look like material, looove them, that stamped border GORGEOUSSSS,, love all the borders you created, the words are BRILLIANT, like our hearts opening out to share. That doorway you created, opening, with the beautiful image inside, just freaking BRILLIANT.
    That was my favorite door tooooo I am just sooooo in love with this pages, thanks so much for creating it then sharing it. It’s so darn inspiring, my claws are itching to do a journal., right after this Christmas stuff, sadly I can’t seem to do to may projects at the same time. I have a few things to make for some Ladies at water fit, but I will start a journal and dream it can be half as good as yours, you make me soar high my sweet Magpie cousin.. Hope you and the Mr have a wonderful week..I looooove where the door took you and we got to share that.. ((( BIG HUGS ))))

  6. Fabulous journal pages Patty!! Its amazing how many different doors there are. Thank you sharing your lovely photos of them :) ~Sophia

  7. oh wow Patty! That’s simply AMAZING! I am in love with your entry!
    Thank you for playing again!

  8. Doors must be a favourite subject for lots of people. I take photos of doors wherever I go. Love yours.

  9. Oooh WOW Patty,your Door pages its adorable, i love the door with behind the lady,and the different pattern its too wonderful,such i love it to much!!!

    Greetings Jeannette

  10. A wonderful page, your doors are gorgeous.

  11. The wonderful doors, took you to a special and lovely place of creativness
    my dear Patty,- such beautiful pages, I love the open door showing that lovely lady and the gorgeous texture you created !

  12. what fabulous photos Patty! I have always loved interesting doors and windows -especially the old European ones. Your journal page is spectacular! A beautiful presentation of color, theme and thought. You keep in in wonder over your tireless creativity and inspiration. XO

  13. another fantastic spread! i love the carved arch pattern and the opening door is a wonderful element!

  14. oh so very beautiful patty, you take wonderful photos and I love this color combo, a bit of a departure for you……

  15. Brillant! I loved that door the minute I saw it in the collage with the other photos! It may be an inspiration point for finishing my boxes!!
    PS – I think this looks like another amazing journal!!!!

  16. So inspiring Patty! Beautiful! I love the thought of doors…offer opportunities. My favorite opportunities have been the friendships I’ve made through my passion of art! I’m glad the door led me to you! xo

  17. I’m mesmerized by doors ~ I think they are such an amazing architectural feat, and the symbolism needs no explanation. I so enjoyed your post and all your photos, sweet Patty!

  18. Wonderful, your doors are gorgeous.

  19. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I love old doors and windows too – just like you and Dianne, so it must be a Magpie thing, yes! My daughter who is studying photography has taken some amazing photos of them all over London. At the Victoria and Albert, my favourite London museum, there’s a vast hall with plaster replicas of huge carved doors from all over Europe: it’s about my favourite place anywhere! You should try to see this if ever you can, as it’s amazing! I love your journal page – how effective it is! The lovely colour of it so full of emotion. How welcoming a friend is when they open the door of their heart to others. Your journal spread is full of heart and full of beauty. Have a lovely week. Julie Ann xxx

  20. I love, love, love your collection of gorgeous doors! Such character and ambiance you have created Patty! Brilliant!

  21. I think we all apparently LOVE doors!!! Great pages! You always do the best work!

  22. I love your photos of doors! And I love what you have done with one of the doors in your book. It is so beautiful to see inside the beautiful door. I am taken of it. You have done it great.

  23. Are you getting used to me being late reading your posts? Blame it on AEDM and the fact my friend Kathy is coming on Monday. I’m helping Sally reorganize her kitchen every day, then I rush home to work on my own kitchen. Mine is less reorganizing and more cleaning (grin).

    Did you make/carve the arch looking stamp? If so, I’m in awe. And I can’t say enough about the interactivity of this spread. Your door really does open to happiness!

  24. That looks more than great. I love that the wonderful door can be opened!
    Have a nice weekand, Beate

  25. Totally in love with this!! The opening door is fantastic as well as the elements on the opposing page.

  26. Love your pages, dear Patty! Gorgeous gothic shaped “windows” AND A BEAUTIFUL DOOR TO OPEN – PERFECT1

  27. We all wish to step through that day to see what is beyond as it appears to be so warm and welcoming.
    Is that your own hand-carved stamp of the arch? What a stunning design you have created if it is and such a useful stamp.
    The colour palette could easily have come across as cold as stone yet there is a warmth to it which you achieved.

  28. High Patty, now I am here again an see your wonderful art-journaling. Your door with the lady behind looks so good. I love the ornaments you used. Wonderful artwork.

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  30. Wow amazing pages ! Beautiful art. Shirleyx

  31. I agree with Lynne…the color combinations are great and really bring out the thought you have conveyed…the door to joy does open outwards!

  32. Absolutely gorgeous pages! Wonderful composition!

  33. I love how you incorporated that wonderful door in your page Patty, & great that it can open!
    Alison xxx

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