can you feel the twinkle…


back in January I shared some fun I had monoprinting cards along with a bit about making laminated Queen Anne’s Lace ornaments from pressed blooms…


since I only ended up sending a small number of handmade cards last year I thought I would give it another whirl and got busy at a recent gathering of local artists (nice having a large place to spread out in our meeting room and play with my ever shrinking homemade gelli plate)…

Twinkle Monoprint T (2)

my supersize 16 oz (500 mlmug is part of a set which also includes:  Naughty, Nice and Sparkle

Twinkle Monoprint T

one tea bag makes a generous double cup to enjoy…

Twinkle Monoprint T (1)

I am joining the group over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T today and you are of course most welcome to join us OXO

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32 responses to “can you feel the twinkle…

  1. Love your monochromatic prints Patty. Something to remember when I start printing again :) The ornaments are such a nice gift to add. Happy T-day! (love that mug)
    xo Dymphie

  2. These are fabulous, Patty. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to gelli as well as you, but I’m starting! And so excited about it — you were my inspiration! After I saw your work, I knew I had to learn!

  3. And I feel like one of the lucky few who was a recipient of your wonderful lacy cards. For some reason, even though I probably knew at the time and forgot, those washi tape birds on a wire are simply perfect on the cards.

    I’ll share a secret I haven’t told anyone yet. I ordered a real Gelli plate. It’s not the big one, but it’s definitely the one I have wanted since I saw one on Marilyn Rock’s blog about three years ago. I know you are still using the same gel plate that has lasted you so long, but mine didn’t last as long as yours. I’m so glad I could inspire you, as you have me. It’s mutual respect and admiration to go along with T today. Love the cup, too.

    Happy T today, dear, dear friend.

  4. Why yes, I can feel the twinkle! I love your idea for handmade ornaments fastened to handmade cards. I may just have to try a variation on that. Thanks for the idea. I only make handmade cards for about 20 people–close friends and family members. Everyone else on my list gets store-bought cards. That way I can focus my creative energy on just a handful of artistic cards, instead of rushing to churn out a ton of cards. Happy T Day!

  5. They are just so beautiful, dearest Patty, and a wonderful idea to laminate the Queen Anne’s Lace and add,to your amazing blue gelli printed cards. The tape with the blackbirds to keep the “lace” in place, looks wonderful, too. I wish you a lovely tuesday my friend.

  6. Beautiful prints Patty! xxx

  7. Stunning prints and ornaments! I don’t send as many hand made cards anymore either. It is becoming a thing of the past with all the electronic devises and social groups……..sad, I love getting a real card in the mail. I do send them to people who still enjoy and expect a hand made one.
    Happy T-day

  8. Oh –I think your cards are beautiful! Queen Anne’s lace really does remind one of lace, and the blue and white combination is perfect….I definitely have days where I could use your ‘naughty’ cup–how funny! Happy Tuesday my dear…

  9. Holy Magpie Woman you are blowing me awayyyyyyy, my wings are freaking flapping everywhere, hard to type :O).
    You lnow I fell in looooove with these the first time, how exciting you are doing them again, ah perfection, thank again for spreading the love, I loooooved the post :O). Hope you have a wonderful week, say hi to Mr Magpie will ya ^-^ it’s been a pleasure visiting your nest……((( BIG HUGS ))))

  10. Happy T Day Patty!! So happy to see you again, always love your mug and whatever you share with us. WOW, that mug is big and I LOOOOVE IT!! How awesome that it’s in a set, would love those for myself. I can feel the twinkle for sure now, the mug and the cards make for a beautiful post today. How pretty the cards are and in my favorite color too. I’m hoping to make my own this year, should be doing them now but keep stalling.
    Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, thanks so much for this post!

  11. this all is just AMAZING dear patty.. you maybe know – I love blues and greens together..and this here makes me HAPPY!!!

  12. I can certainly feel the twinkle…if only I was as organised as you are. Have a lovely, and productive, gathering.

  13. I love how your cards are so organic and earthy with thta touch of sparkle…just beautiful Patty!

  14. So pretty Patty! Love love blue and white for Christmas. It’s so clean and fresh.
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. somewhere… packed away… I have one of your lacy snowflakes just awaiting the arrival in a “real” studio space!! bella!

  16. The Queen Anne’s lace really makes an exquisite ornament – hard to improve on nature…but your mono-prints add that little extra something. Just beautiful. Love those big mugs! Twinkle away!!!

  17. Your tea cut set made me smile! One for any occasion! Actually, my husband calls me “Sparkle” so you know the set really made me smile.

    The Queen Anne’s Lace cards are gorgeous- the blue and white compliment the flowers so nicely. That you had fun making these really shows!

  18. I am drawn to those cards, the beautiful prints, well how you achieved that with a Gelli Plate is beyond me and my limited capabilities! The addition of the flower (although am I right that some call this a weed?!) is such a special touch, bringing a delicate appearance to each card.
    I am smitten.

  19. These are gorgeous Patty! The color and pattern just speaks to me! A beautiful way to adorn your cards with the Queen Anne’s Lace! xo

  20. ooooh – blue! Blue makes me happy. Queen Anne’s lace and blue…what’s not to like?

  21. Beautiful cards. I have never tried printing with a gelli plate but when I see the results it looks like a great process. Blue is my favorite holiday color even though red/green is more traditional.


  22. I feel the twinkle!! Love the blue. So beautiful!!! ~Sophia

  23. Beautiful cards!
    Jeanie sent me here and I am sure I will return.

  24. Such gorgeousness! I think I’m eventually going to order a Gelli Plate, too…. then I can be spontaneous! hahahaha

  25. Very special, as are you!

  26. These are the greatest! Love the mugs and all the Blue and White together. Fantastical! Made my day brighter and it Twinkles!!!

  27. Such pretty cards!

  28. Very pretty! And great mug! Happy late T-Day! :)

  29. You always make the most gorgeous art! And your photography is stunning. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Trying to play catch up here before tomorrow’s event starts! have a great weekend! xoxo

  30. Your cards are beautiful Patty! Your bog is always so much fun to visit! Love all your photos!

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