kind words…

this is my second offering for Art Journal Journey’s DOORS theme this month…

kind words (1)

I came across a sweet image of a girl in my stash printed to fill an 8 x 10 piece of paper so I decided to tear the image in half and glue some book text underneath the image…

kind words (2)

a bit of sanding and light coloring with chalk pencils (each page measures 5.5 x 6.5 inches)…

kind words

speaking of kind words I want to thank you very much for your visit and support…

The Plains, Virginia USA

you make sharing extra fun OXO

The Bittersweet Garden The Plains Virginia

“Kind words will unlock an iron door.” ~Turkish Proverb

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43 responses to “kind words…

  1. These pages are gorgeous – love the way you used the girl! And, as always, your photos are fabulous! xoxo

  2. The journal pages are breathtaking, I just love everything about them!

  3. The post at all makes happy and the spread especially makes my little Art Journal heart happy.. amazing colors and concept once again dear Patty…
    great quote –
    I love your art …as you know.. I think that if I would come to your home I would feel as comfortable .. as I feel comfortable with your ART JOURNAL ART Patty…

    xxx Susi

  4. beautiful, patty…happy gratefulness…xo

  5. What a beautiful image and split picture technique! I agree, dear Patty…kind words will unlock ALL doors! Have a beautiful day!

  6. I love this and with a great artistic technique! Hope your day is good to you! xo

  7. Your journals must be fabulous to browse through, Patty.

  8. Lovely and heart-warming, Patty. What wonderful blues, and yes, kindness is one of the great virtues, you are so right. Isn’t it wonderful how we can make art then share it with our blogging friends all over the world.

  9. absolutely marvelous page!

  10. Beautiful images!! Love your creativity on the layout. Fantastic!! ~Sophia

  11. What a great quote! Do you collect them in a special book and select the most appropriate one for the your journal page of the moment? I would be so interested to discover how you go about collecting a stash of inspirational quotes for journalling because you always come up with wonderful words. I love this spread. The image of the girl is lovely and your technique – as always is superb, lovely subtle colouring that truly creates atmosphere. Your pages are just so remarkable; I am always so delighted I discovered your uplifting art! Julie Ann xx

  12. So gorgeous Jounal pages and pictures, it is always a pleasure to visit your blog, dear Patty.

  13. Beautiful pages Patty.
    You always bring an element of surprise and magic into your work – I love the butterflies!
    The signpost is fun – I wonder where you were!
    Wishing you a very happy weekend!

  14. HI Patty,
    I’ve been away from blogging for a bit and just looked at all your posts from the last few weeks. Wow! I find them so inspiring. My creative muse has been missing lately, and I think I need to just go do some free-form art journaling to get her back. Love all your pages and your twinkle cards are great.

  15. i love your creativity! tearing the photo of the girl was the right thing to do here. awesome!!

  16. Love your AJ pages, such a great image and wise words. Always a joy to visit your blog :)

  17. Another fantastic spread, great idea.

  18. Lovely quote and I like the way that you have used it.

  19. love the collage, love the colors, love the message!
    magical pages…
    and this quote…well, I think you keep unlocking iron doors every single day. :)

  20. This is such a creative page – love how you decided to split your photo into two. And the quote fits perfectly!

  21. Wonderful and beautiful pages. The meaning is very true. Shirleyx

  22. That was a brilliant idea Patty! Fantastic page and quote.
    Love that sign post. I’d love to put one in my garden like that…wouldn’t it be fun!?!

  23. Miss Patty you never fail to “BLOW ME AWAY” sorry for screeching :O),
    when I saw that sweet face peeping out from the page, I gasped, then flew right over here. Wow the you hit me with the words, it gave my heart such a squeeze, it is a brilliant design the aged pages, those gorgeous butterflies, your work speaks volumes, when I visit I get mesmerized by your creationsssss.. I’m so glad to see our other Magpie visiting and loving your work, too I knew she would, the Magpie Parliament is walking around with their chest all puffed out, cheeky beggers ^-^.. Have a lovely weekend you and Mr Magpie.. ((( BIG HUGS )))..

  24. Love the girl torn in two! Brilliant!

  25. I feel so redundant when I tell you how beautiful your work is — but it is! You always find a new way of looking at things that makes me smile.

  26. I really like how you made each page a mirror image of the other. Brilliantly done, dear friend.

    And of course, I love that sign post.

  27. another lovely page patty, you are a kind soul too :)

  28. Hi Patty, I often pop over but haven’t left a message … what a sweet image you used & the quote very true. Lovely x

  29. Brilliant page! Very creative idea and a wonderful post!

  30. such great meaning and your images are wonderful. Those butterflies always whisper of promise…

  31. Patty dear, you are an amazing artist, and this spread with the beautiful girl and true words are amazing,too. A beautiful and inspirational post,—and I smiled seing the post with all the signs showing to all directions .
    Wish you a lovely weekend dear friend, with hugs from Dorthe

  32. Such imaginative use of that sweet image. She definitely has a story to tell us.
    Patty, do you jot down quotes as and when you come across them? Many years ago I did this and wondered if it was a habit you had because you always have the most perfect quote for your art.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  33. This is so lovely & inspiring Patty, & a wonderful quote!
    Alison xxx

  34. what truly beautiful pages and words Patty. Very heartwarming as I know all of your art is. Wha???? Only what-14 miles to Paris-France??? I can SO do that :):)

  35. That final quote is wonderful, as is your peek-a-boo girl page.

  36. Gorgeous pages Patty!!

  37. Lovely quote – so true!

    I love the background text with talk of apology and bosom and marriage …. It looks like one of those very tame romance novels of the turn of the century.

  38. (That was me Patty … Kimmie)

  39. A gold sentence! Lovely spread, Patty, the girl looks straight at you with those eyes!

  40. Wow, gorgeous spread!

  41. OMG Patty, your journal pages just get better and better, love your arty style…you have such a talent!..Hugs Jan x

  42. Hello Patty,
    une douce enfant qui se cache derrière une porte ? Est-ce un jeu ? A-t-elle peur ? Veut-elle dissimuler quelque chose ? va-t-elle arriver à ouvrir cette porte ? Allons-nous découvrir le jardin d’Eden derrière ? Tant de questions qu’on peut se poser. Qu’en est-il ma chère Patty ?
    L’ensemble est beau et romantique, les couleurs douces, mais la cassure de l’enfance est bien présente.

  43. So beautifully designed, dear Patty, and your photos are always a feast for the eyes.

    I wish you a wonderful first Advent :-)

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