Colorado T

hope you enjoy the “falling snow” that WordPress added to my blog for December (for some reason WP is not allowing clicking on photos like they did last month??? shame because I usually title the photos to give a bit more information)…

Sunlight Mtn Glenwood Springs CO

I have been among the missing as we just returned from traveling 3,324.4 miles (5350.10 kilometers) to spend ten days with our son in Colorado

Denver street mosaic game boardswe brought our traveling tea cup along again this year

Creperie du Village  ASPEN, Colorado

there was lots of eating out…

Denver Art Museum Passport to Paris

along with plenty of tea and coffee stops…

Common Grounds Coffee House Denver, CO

we enjoyed some scrumptious vegetarian chili that our son made for us served in mugs where we stayed at the Hotel Denver in Glenwood Springs

Hotel Denver Colin's Chili

I hope that you are well and enjoying the holiday season…

Boulder Tea House, CO

I am happy to be joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T on Tuesday and I look forward to catching up with everyone…

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39 responses to “Colorado T

  1. Welcome back Patty, what a wonderful scenery in Colorado, with the snow on your blog you must feel home :) I’m always struck by the distances you have to travel. Looks like you had some yummie coffe and tea!
    xo Dymphie

  2. Oh my how my old home town downtown has changed! Hope you enjoyed the hot springs whilst staying at the hotel. During the winter at night when it’s snowing …it’s magical.! :)

  3. welcome back Patty- I missed you!
    Great images – must be a good visit !

  4. Hello and welcome back my dear Patty,- such a long way to travel, to see your son,- and expensive too, I can immagine!
    Thank you for all the beautiful photoes I have seeen on fb from that amazing nature you have experiensed,– those, icedecked trees are so beautiful. The photoes here also shows very cozy places to eat and driink , and then doing it with your son, makes it even more cozy.
    Here we have not seen snow yet!
    Hugs, from Dorthe

  5. I just love Colorado. My DH and I have set our sites on Glenwood Springs and are talking to a realtor about renting a home for a few months there next year…..a trial run before we purchase a home. Your photos are beautiful as always. Thank you. and Happy Tuesday.

  6. It took a while for the snow to start on my computer, but it’s the kind of snow I like…just for looking at. Sounds like quite a trip, especially at this time of year across states that can get some fairly unpleasant winter weather. So glad you enjoyed your visit with your son.

  7. What an awesome sculpture in the first photo! love the combination with mosaic…and that you remembered your traveling tea cup. It’s so fun to see what you get up to…happy T day!

  8. Missed your posts so it was a lovely surprise to see that you are back – good to have you back but what an amazing trip you surely had – those coffee shops look wonderful, couldn’t help but zoom into the lovely cushions and vegetarian chilli, yes please!
    Such a long trip but I hope your journey was smooth and of course, spending time with your son would make such a trip so worthwhile.

  9. I missed you too dear Patty!
    Enjoying special time with family is so important.
    Eating out and having fun together is what memories are made of!
    Your little blue teacup has stored up lots of these wonderful memories – she seems to be a member of your family too! LOL
    Oh the snow looks magical too.

  10. You were missed Patty. Colorado looks like a lovely place. I’m getting quite an education in geography from all my fellow bloggers.

  11. What wonderful photos of Colorado, they make me a little homesick, and I’ve been in CA for 50 years, but CO will always be home.
    Great shots of all the mugs, and your traveling mug….LOL
    Happy T-day

  12. I was SO worried about you, and when I saw your name come up, I was simply thrilled to see you were back. I’m a worrier, so missing you was top priority for me.

    Where to begin. Maybe the first photo with the sculpture set up near a chess board? Maybe the tea shop with the hands as part of the logo? Or maybe the teacup itself. It gets to travel and enjoy so many wonderful adventures, And as always, I love it that you bring us along, too.

    Thanks for coming back just in time for me to NOT put out a missing person alert (grin) and for joining T today.

  13. It looks like you had a lovely visit with your son in Colorado. The scenery is just beautiful, and your little tea cup looks like they enjoyed, too!

  14. Love the photos off your travels. And you hit COMMOM GROUNDS…..our friend worked there for ages! And did you get a DAM coffeemug? Glad you are back safe and sound! Catch a nap later! xooxoxox

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Stunning scenery and the best visits include lots of tea and coffee! Hey! It’s snowing! I love that! Julie Ann xx

  16. So happy you had a wonderful trip; a very special trip :) Great photos; thanks for sharing with us. Love these snowflakes! xo

  17. What a nice visit! Thanks for sharing with us. :)
    Happy T-Day!

  18. Long trip but I’ll bet it was worth it to get to spend 10 days with your son. A traveling tea cup is a great idea. Looks like you went to some great places and had some delicious food.


  19. A lot of tea and coffee drunk on that trip, I see!

  20. Looks like the best trip filled with the best kind of things! I love that you took the cup along, too.
    How DID you get it to snow on your blog?

  21. here is how to make it snow on WordPress blogs:

    Go to your dashboard.
    Navigate to Settings » General.
    Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”

    easy peasey

  22. It’s always lovely to see where you have been around. I hope you’re enjoying a lot of warm drinks now that colder weather is heading your way. Hope you’re having a good start to the holiday month :)

  23. It looks like a great, good time! I love your traveling teacup traditon! Happy Homecoming!

  24. Ten days with your son must have been wonderful! Happy Advent to you!

  25. welcome home – it sounds like a wonderful trip – and how special for your son that he could host you in “his” city. Ten days – wow – that’s fantastic!!!

  26. your travels are always amazing and this one must have been very special for you to be with your son!
    wishing you a wonderful advent time!
    xo, johanna

  27. very cool! thank you

  28. It is always a treat to share your adventures through your photos – they create such an inviting sense! Glad you had a nice trip and shared some family love!

  29. Welcome home, dear Patty….I’ve enjoyed “traveling” with you…it seems like this trip was brimming with thankfulness! So happy for you. xoxo

  30. That tea cup certainly gets about! Lovely photos Patty, looks like you had a great trip.
    Alison xxx

  31. Great pictures!!! Glad you got to go and that the COLD didn’t hit til after you left!!!!

  32. Welcome back Patty!! So happy you were able to spend so much time with your son in gorgeous surroundings! I could just taste those crepes-yum! And speaking of-love the vegetarian chili in the mug. Do you think you might persuade your son to share his recipe? I’m still searching for a GOOD veg. chili. Looking forward to hearing of your next adventures-including your heartthrob’s concert :)

  33. Kind of amazing that I discovered the little snowflakes falling on your blog JUST as I was listening to ‘Let It Snow’ on the radio – great timing! Looks like the traveling tea cup had a grand holiday.

  34. Thanks for the tour! Looks like a great (and delicious) trip.

  35. aaaahh, so beautiful pictures…as always. the sculpture is really great and a brilliant winter impression but brrrrrr don’t like the winter.

  36. Welcome back Patty. You’ve brought some lovely images for us although WP doesn’t seem to be giving me any falling snow :)

  37. Looks like a fun trip! Love the name of that coffee shop. People are so clever.

  38. Belated Happy birthday. Looks like you had a lot of fun and some good food.


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