birthday tea…

December is a festive time…

Ocean City and Berlin MD

and Mr Magpie helped make it extra special by whisking me away for a long birthday weekend…

Fagars Island OC crab cakes

to a new spot for us (a tucked away bayside treasure) a little over three hours drive to the beach …

Fager's Island getaway

we enjoyed some of THE most delicious Maryland Style Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes ever…

Fenwick Island OC Md

we did not mind at all having the beach to ourselves as we prefer that to the very busy and hectic summer season in Ocean City

Berlin Maryland

the nearby small town of Berlin, Maryland of Runaway Bride fame has some cute shops and is always fun to visit…

Main St Enchanted T Room Berlin MD

we had afternoon tea at the Main Street Enchanted Tea Room with the whole tea shop to ourselves as it was a Thursday which I admit had us acting a little silly after we discovered the hat rack…

Enchanted T Room Birthday T

 Mr Magpie found the stash of “tiaras” which seemed to be a good fit for me as none of the hats quite fit my head with my braid pinned up in the back ;) that’s my story and I am sticking to it

Sunset in a cup

it was a relaxing and lovely time and Mother Nature even gifted us with a perfect sunset to enjoy before we headed back home…

9 Dec 2013 Frozen in Time

we made it back just in time as Mother Nature had a beautiful icy surprise in store…

China Girl Climbing Rose

wishing you a lovely day whatever your weather brings…

azalea leaves

I am joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T today as snow gently falls outside my window here in Northern Virginia  

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37 responses to “birthday tea…

  1. Hello and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! What a wonderful gift of going away for the day, lucky you!! I LOOOOVE all the pictures from your trip and those lovely tea pots and silly hats, so much fun!! Beautiful holiday decorations and trees too.
    WOW, the ice pictures are GORGEOUS!!! What great photos of them you got, my kids would love seeing this in our yard.

    I just have to say, uuummm it’s snowing on your blog, how the heck did you do that, I want my blog to snow too!!! LOVE IT!!

    Happy T Day to you and thank you for sharing your special day with us!

  2. First of all, Happy Belated Birthday, Patty!!! What a lovely getaway gift.

    I have so many fond memories of Ocean City beach trips when I was in high school. I bet I wouldn’t even recognize the place now. The town of Berlin looks interesting and that Tea Room looks like so much fun. All of your pictures are just wonderful – those ice images made me shiver! I hope you brought a tiara home with you – you wear it well!

  3. What a lovely little birthday trip! thanks so much for sharing it with us. Your photos are divine…love the ice covered red leaves…really gorgeous! and the tiara really suits you! happy T day!

  4. Wow, I missed your birthday AGAIN this year. I’ve got to start remembering these things. Sorry I missed it. You are ALWAYS so good about remembering mine.

    Looks and reads like you had a wonderful getaway. I was starting to worry about you, but glad you made it home before the storms began. I have had ice like that before, but never had a camera good enough to get photos of it. You and Mr. Magpie did a great job of capturing the beauty AND the devastation of the storm.

    Loved seeing those photos of the small shops. Loved the “Nest.” And the tea shop was a hoot. Being the only people in any public establishment can be fun. I loved your tiara. And Mr. M’s hat fetish seemed to come out (joking).

    Thanks for sharing the traveling tea cup and your presence today, dear friend. It was fun sharing this trip with you.

  5. Gelukkige verjaardag Patty! Many happy tiaras ♡ What a wonderful get-away you had, fun fun fun. Your icy photos are fantasic, I just love the iced leaves on the last one!

  6. Happy Birthday! And Happy T Day! Your weekend getaway looks relaxing, but cold. :)

  7. Dearest Patty,
    your birthday weekend ,I can tell, was very cozy, romantic and filled with lovely food. You had all, the heart can wish for : beautiful nature walks , lovely shops to visit, gorgeous food, a cozy place to stay while there, and ofcourse your Mr. Magpie .
    Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful place , and the OH SO amazing photoes of your garden after the ice fell. — And now you even have snow !!…. Nothing of the kind here yet!!
    Sending you tuesday greetings and kisses.
    Dorthe ,OO

  8. I am so glad you got to enjoy your enjoy your beachside birthday before the ice moved on in! The beach town looks so quaint and beautiful! What fun with the tea and hats, just perfect! Mother nature always supplies us with the most incredible beauty, but be safe Patty! Hugs!

  9. First of all–
    Happy Happy BIRTHDAY dear Patty!
    I wish all the best to you!!!

    this are absolut amazing images and impressions and it seems as if it was a fantastic birthday trip…

    the ice(d) images from your garden are fabulous!

    Great to welcome you back!

  10. Looks like a lovely getaway! All looks very cold to me! I’m such a Gulf Coast girl…….. I’m freezing here in South Texas…… I could not survive much further north! But it’s all SOOOO beautiful! I do love the snow and ice images!!!! Enjoy this day!

  11. ……….and, forgot to say…….. love you in a tiara!

  12. A VERY happy belated birthday dear Patty!! What a special get away and gesture by Mr. Magpie-he’s always so very thoughtful. This looks like an amazing place and I too love being somewhere away from the crowds. Berlin looks like a great place to visit- I must remember that as we aren’t far from it when spending time with our friends at their beach house in Delaware. Gorgeous photos!

  13. Dearest Patty
    Very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
    What a special few days – it’s always nice to escape the crowds – it looks like a beautiful part of the world.
    Gorgeous light house – I seem to have a fascination with these!
    The icy images are amazing – would make gorgeous Christmas cards.
    Hard to think these trees and shrubs can survive such cold, but they do and come Spring they will flower their little hearts out for us once more – isn’t nature a wondrous thing!
    Birthday hugs
    Shane xox

  14. Love the tiara…I’m glad you shared that photo here. I so enjoy “travelling” with you.
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Oh ALWAYS reach for tiara FIRST!!!
    Belated birthday wishes to you.
    What a wonderful place your went to, I always like to go “off” season to these places too. Your photos are always fantastic thanks for sharing them.
    Happy T-day

  16. A belated Happy Birthday Patty…so glad you had fun. Thanks for another vicarious trip to a beautiful place. That tiara looks like it was made for you.

  17. A very Happy, albeit belated, Birthday! For some reason, I thought your special day was earlier…silly me! Thank you for sharing your fabulous celebration pictures with us, dear Patty! While I can see Atlantic Hotel and Berlin in my summer minds eye, it was a treat to see in in holiday glory!

  18. Ooooh, simply wonderful birthday present Patty! I’m so jealous! And I share a December birthday with you. Though mine was the 5th. Hope it was all the pictures showed it to be! Hugs, Super Stamp Girl

  19. Birthday celebrations should go on and on and on and on and I think you need to wear that crown daily… : ) xoxox

  20. Thanks for the tour with the fascinating buildings, and it’s good to see you wearing your tiara. Your icicle pictures are fabulous – brrr.

  21. Thanks for sharing all these fantastic photos, they are breathtaking. And…. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY :)

  22. I’ve seen some of the pictures on facebook. It looks like an absolutely perfect weekend. I’m sure your birthday was a happy one!

  23. A Happy T Day and a very Happy Birthday to you! Being new to your blog I enjoyed seeing you (in your tiara) and even Mr. Magpie in his straw boater! The tea shop sounded fun and having the place and the beach to yourself must have been truly magical!

  24. What a wonderful birthday! Fabulous photos and so happy you and Mr. Magpie shared that time. Happy Birthday dear one! Your ice photos are beautiful. I know ice can be hazardous but your photos surely show the beauty of its formation. xo

  25. Your icy photos are gorgeous !
    Happy Birthday ! and Happy Tuesday !

  26. You guys really know how to have a good time.

  27. happy belated, dear patty! (loved to see you with the tiara)
    what a gorgeous trip you had, you can feel really spoiled! wonderful places and fantastic photos you share with us… the last one made by your husband is exceptional!!

  28. Wonderful photos! xxx

  29. A bundle of sweet birthday wishes dear Patty and don’t you look fine dressed to the nines with your tiara – that is a fabulous photograph and sweet Mr Magpie whisking you off for this special weekend treat.
    Wonderful photographs.

  30. ohhh first of all happy happy belated BDAY!!! looks like you had a great day too. Fabulous fotos to prove it…..and all the ICE… nice….oh my…
    slip slidin away…………….stay indoors and make some art!!!

  31. Well, I would say Mr. Magpie is a keeper! What a glorious time and beautiful spot to be. It was indeed ocean weather until the storm hit — I’m o glad you made it back safely!

    Happy “New” Year!

  32. What a wonderful Mr. Magpie! Happy belated birthday wishes to you.

  33. OMG! That tearoom looks scrumptious! And the hats–and even tiaras! What a wonderful touch. Happy belated birthday!

  34. Did I ever tell you, you make the most wonderful photo collages?! Each photo is brilliant and your talent for composition is marvelous… I enjoyed the ‘trip’ with you!

  35. Happy belated Birthday to you! With all the very very best wishes and many many happy returns! What a wonderful way of celebrating your birthday, thank you for sharing such beautiful photos and so many precious moments with us. Take care, Petra.

  36. I hope your birthday was spectacular! :D

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