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change of seasons…

Spring is trying to make an appearance here in northern Virginia…

Spring 2014 is trying to arrive

but we still have a way to go as there are some lovely snowflakes falling again today…

Beeswax Altered Beeswax Fish Tin

perfect weather for playing in my art room that is a wee bit neater after doing a little clearing recently…

Index card Postage Stamp art

fun to uncover ingredients like scrap backgrounds and postage stamps just waiting for attention (above are two quick index cards I made)…

snowfall 25 March 2014

a nice day for sipping hot tea dreaming of spring

(glad I cut some daffodils and brought them in before the snow came this morning…they are opening nicely)…

Daffs coaxed into blooming with Omis bunnies

joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard to wish you a happy T day full of fun discoveries…

blooms with tea cup planter

“Weather is a great metaphor for life — sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella.” ~Terri Guillemets

beeswax tins…

do you find some packaging impossible to resist?

I admit I have purchased items for their containers…

Magpie's Nest Beeswax

my mint tins have been grilled (there is a link on my sidebar on how I do that) to remove the paint and labeling…

Home Sweet Home

ready for melted beeswax which smells wonderful and is very forgiving…

Love and Healing

like a good friend…


if you make a mistake you have a chance to go back and start over…

Midnight Ride

for my altered tins I used assorted papers, fabric, lace, vintage millinery, beads, charms, buttons and images that I had on my art table (the horses are from Dover Publications while the others are a mystery to me)…

Beeswax JOY tin

 if you would like to see more of my beeswax creations from the last five years you can go to the LOOKING FOR SOMETHING space on my sidebar and type “Beeswax” in the Search line OR click on the word “Beeswax” on the same line as Comments below …

be sure to visit Dorthe who has shared some of her really beautiful wax creations here

special thanks to local mixed media art friends for a recent play date that got me going with wax again…

beeswax and fish tins…

 it begins by brushing melted beeswax onto your tin …

adding paper (I used pattern tissue for the background) brushing on more beeswax using it like glue to affix images, ribbons and such (laser jet images work well as they don’t smear)

thinner papers melt into the surface beautifully…

I also enjoy adding bits of fabric … lace … zippers and more…

so many things look rich and interesting with the addition of beeswax…

National Honey Month

September is National Honey Month


nectar of the Gods

honey existed before man as evidenced by fossils from 150 million years ago …

honey collection can be traced back thousands of years as depicted in ancient cave paintings …

did you know it is used for wound healing…

  it is a natural energy booster…

 a skin moisturizer…

a natural cough suppressant and that is just the beginning of what there is to know about honey

I like adding it to herbal teas…

today I am sipping a delicious and delicate herb tea that I brought back from the beautiful Einseideln Monastery outside of Zurich Switzerland

it is called Münsterschwarzach Klostertee St. Benedikt Sieben-Zeiten-Tee (St Benedict Seven Times Tea)…

the organic ingredients are sage, ginger, lemon balm, spearmint, valerian, rose petals and primrose flowers…

“sage stimulates and will preserve your health…Ginger warms the body and increases the vital energy center… Spearmint aids digestion… Valerian brings calmness and promotes concentration… Rose opens the heart… Primrose is new beginning and light… Melissa awakens the spirit and brings hope and joy…”

I even got a second cup out of the same teabag ahhhhh

be sure and visit Kimmie over at her Art in Red Wagons for more tea stops…

I also invite you to come see the new offerings on my Magpie’s Nest Too giveaway blog 

July local “what do U see”…girls just wanna have fun…

Fran Podlesney’s cereal box tag called me this month from her bag of goodies…

I decided to go a little different way with her china doll image (not quite 5.5″ tall 13.97cm) by scanning it and printing out three smaller versions (each about 3″ tall 7.62cm)…

I was pleased with how the yellow and green ‘ruffle’ turned out at the bottom…

that was a piece of paper towel that Fran had wrapped a tiny glass bottle in…

the dotted pattern of the towel showed up nicely when inked…

I cut the string of “pearls” apart and put them in the glass bottle sealing the top with string and beeswax…

I added some pretty dotted fabric from my stash to the back of the tag…

can’t wait to see all of Fran’s tags together …

les filles veulent s’amuser = girls just wanna have fun in every language

also can’t wait to show you the wonderful smooshed tin Linda Yeatman made for me

Honey Tea

September is National Honey Month

news to me…

bees (here are some cut from wood)

honey and beeswax all fascinate me …

honey is an ancient and pure food … a perfect sweetener … also used as medicine

… hail honey and of course … BEES !!!

Happy T Tuesday … I will be a bit scarce in blogland the next couple of weeks … looking forward to catching up with you all after that

WS: Women’s History Month

there are so many women of note that came to mind for the WS Women’s History Month theme

I could not pass up the chance to do a Frida Kahlo piece

it all began with a sardine can

and beeswax at our local altered arts group gathering

torn map and tissue papers …  bits of lace … a piece of metal zipper and a crepe paper Memorial Day poppy made by a veteran in 2005 (see it’s good to hang on to things sometimes)

the final touch was the red ribbon holding a mother-of-pearl sacred heart pendant that I have also had around for a while

one word from this American Art Stamp (Designer: Kathleene Callei) went into my Frida shrine

be sure and visit Wednesday Stamper to be inspired by our guest designer Sherry Goodloe …  she created an amazing reversible Fragments necklace for this week’s theme to celebrate women

* * Happy St Patty’s Day … here is a sweet Irish tune for ya * *

WS: Number “3″ + a giveaway

I chose “Three” as the challenge this week over at Wednesday Stamper

I created a beeswax postcard and used a flower stamp pressed into the warm wax to add texture around the edges … bits of lace

*click for a closer look*

coloring with Pearl Ex powders and gold Krylon Pen

* * * and here is my giveaway * * *

it was a year ago this month that I was invited to be a co-moderator on Mittwochstempler … time really flies when you are having fun … many thanks to Belinda and Hermine for making me feel so at home at Wednesday Stamper … they inspire me every day and have taught me so much!!!  thanks to Tina too!

to celebrate I am giving away a little matchbox

(1-7/16  x  2-1/8  x  1/2 inch)

stuffed with bits of this and that along with some other goodies that I will surprise you with

there are several recent posts here on my Magpie’s Nest explaining all about the stuffed matchbox idea…thanks to Kimmie

all you have to do is

leave your comment here on this post and I will pick a name randomly out of the hat on 2 December … announcing the winner on my WS post next Wednesday … all are welcome … it’s a fun way to say “hello” even if you don’t get a chance to comment often …  along with the chance to win a little prize :)

The Waterford Fair

it’s that time of year again when …

*all pics are clickable if you’d like a closer view*


the quaint village of Waterford, Virginia (settled in 1733)

DSC06588 archway

hosts their annual three day Waterford Homes Tour & Crafts Exhibit

DSC06645Morning Glories

the oldest juried crafts fair inVirginia (true artisans!) … this little video gives a nice look

DSC06617 Thos. Wetzel Windsor Chairs

Thos. Wetzel, Windsor Chair maker


Anne Leslie, Shadow Portraits … who also plays the fiddle in the video clip above


the house tour is a chance to visit homes you would otherwise never get to set foot in (I visited all five on Friday)

DSC06757BirdhsePoleit was a full day … at one point I considered taking a nap

DSC06672 A NAP

then I realized I was getting hungry … food is always a fun pause that refreshes at the fair (any fair)…


funnel cakes I’ve had … but Moravian Rolls were something new to me… delicious!  served by these sweet ‘kids’ from the Czech Republic and Romania … piping hot … with a cup of hot coffee to go with it from the Black Dog Coffee Company whose slogan is “Our beans are so fresh, you’ll want to slap them”

DSC06631PantomimeMark Jaster and Sabrina

this mime and his sidekick were very entertaining

DSC06665 ReenactmentCouple

Loved this couple


John and Bunny Switzenberg are beekeepers and create THE most wonderful ornaments from beeswax … many using old German candy molds … the scent of cinnamon is irresistible


if you’re still with me … you may be feeling a little like this fellow

DSC06679Militia man

I could go on and on … it was such a delightful day from beginning to end …

Flag*Footnote: I am entering this post in Ana’s Friday Archive dive*

**Second Blogaversary Celebration**

*now closed :)*

almost two years ago (7 Oct 07)  I stepped into the blogging world with big thanks to Pat Sloan for urging me to “just do it” … my life has not been the same since … 905 blog posts later …  I have had help and encouragement from so many of you …

in celebration and thanks to all who visit and share their creativity and support I would like to give away two of my 4 x 6″  (10,16 x 15,24 cm) one of a kind canvases



Precious-MagicPrecious Magic

two names will be drawn … international visitors are most welcome as are people who do not have a blog  (please be sure there is a way for me to contact you if you win) … come one come all

I appreciate everyone’s visits and want to thank you all for popping in now and then and leaving so many thoughtful and kind comments … I treasure all of the special connections blogging has brought my way


to be in the drawing, all you need to do is leave one comment on this post …  the random number generator will pick two winners after midnight EST on 6 October …

Winners will be announced on Wednesday,  7 October

*this post will be stuck at the top of my blog until the drawing  ends on 6 October *

P.S. 1 October: you are all very polite as well, no one pointed out my fuzzy math when I wrote (and now deleted) my average posts being 2.5 per day …doh … more like a little over 1 post a day :)

oxo ~*~ Patty

princess of quite a lot

the SPA challenge this week is “stripey legs” … I am still having fun with beeswax … no glue needed

my book board postcard was was first painted … then covered with beeswax and peeled tissue … the bit of lace at the top got a little funky looking after adding the wax … some of the pretty lace detail was lost, so I added smudges of paint which helped it some … I then stamped beeswax impressions around the edges coloring those with layers of paint … the girl scout sticker at her heart is vintage (thank you Carol)

1stripey legs

*click for a closer look*

thanks to Lynn for sharing a fun free collage sheet she found at Cleome1 on Flickr, that is where the arms and legs/shoes came from … dress and head are from Paper Whimsy … the rose  ‘scepter’ was inspired by a piece of waxed candlewick … the roses are my photos … I doodled the border for the top

Dans ma maison il y a “une plume”

there is “a feather” in my house for the Dans ma maison challenge this week


a tipi (teepee) came to mind right away … three paper elements for my collage (NYPL Digital collection) along with feathers picked up here and there … a coating of beeswax to stick things together… and a strip of fabric and old rusty bottle cap

“The Great Spirit is in all things, he is in the air we breathe.  The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother.  She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground she returns to us…” ~Big Thunder (Bedagi) Wabanaki Algonquin

Happy Birthday ABAA + Thanks

today is Linda and Rosie’s Awfully Big Art Adventure first blogaversary!

it’s been a fabulous year full of excitement and creativity between the two of them, they have inspired so many  … if you’ve never been to their challenge blog … it’s not to be missed!

I got this post up a bit late in the day here in Virginia, Rosie and Linda may be tucked away and in the land of nod already :)


speaking of fab blogs, I am long overdue thanking Jenxo for the lovely award she shared with me

fabblog1[1] fro m Jen

I am not known for playing along with awards and such (naughty me), but it certainly is nice to be thought of and I appreciate it very much

isn’t it wonderful how blogging makes us feel close to people all around the globe … Jen is lovely, she and I hit it off right away …  it’s a beautiful thing … pop by and visit … she’s full of ideas and creativity with inspiration to share

and for Jen … I’m sure it’s already tomorrow ;)