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beeswax and fish tins…

 it begins by brushing melted beeswax onto your tin …

adding paper (I used pattern tissue for the background) brushing on more beeswax using it like glue to affix images, ribbons and such (laser jet images work well as they don’t smear)

thinner papers melt into the surface beautifully…

I also enjoy adding bits of fabric … lace … zippers and more…

so many things look rich and interesting with the addition of beeswax…

Six Players: Mexican Folk Art Theme

as promised … here are the tip in pages I created for Dianne’s Mexican Folk Art theme … each player has chosen a different theme and varying page sizes…

lots of paint and gesso went into my pages … I printed a skull image onto transparency paper … highlighting with a white pen … I placed it behind the opening I cut in the front cover … the final step was using Golden brand Gold Mica Flake (Large) around the edges of the page … it gives nice texture and shimmer…

*these pages measure 8 x 16 inches*

it wasn’t hard for me to decide to go with Frida…

I created a tin foil frame by rolling and smooshing foil together … stitching it onto the page with bits of colorful fiberthe  flower  is rubber stamped and hand colored…

on the left hand side I used assorted papers to help affix the skeleton transparency dry brushing with gesso and adding a loteria game card at the bottom … el corazon means “the heart”

I painted the back page with blue paint and used a piece of torn wax paper that I had used some time ago for making mono print pages … glad I saved it as it made a perfect layer under the shrine stamp that I used as a frame for the black and white Frida image … white gel pen helped add interest to the stamped frame…

Frida has a lot of powerful quotes … I chose

“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

I used black fine marker to accent the pages too…

here is the tag I created to go along with my tip in … I certainly did enjoy this theme …

next month I will be working on “Trees”

two days with a master artiste

the one and only

Michael deMeng

taught two workshops about twenty minutes drive away …  all thanks to Angela of Happy Stamper in Reston for nabbing him after his Art & Soul classes in Hampton, VA … what a treat!!!

Day 1 Cave of Pages

a simple wooden cigar box … got excited and forgot to take a picture of the actual box part before I got busy … there is the lid

my focal image was going to be a swan … but something different came up in the end … found my box a bit challenging to photograph to capture the true coloring and depth

Michael deMeng is an extraordinary teacher … he creates an atmosphere of creativity and fun in his classes … he could have his own “deMeng speak” dictionary with all of the color wash names and other clever jargon he uses … one of the things that is apparent is that he Loves what he does … he is so present and giving

Day 2 Loteria “Cards” made of simple wood blocks … special cool Apoxie Sculpt clay

(thank you Leslie for sharing) … rusty bits of this and that …

I had so many ideas for these and brought SO much stuff to class

in the end I had to put on a few final touches at home … I got to use some of the great rusty bottle caps Mr Magpie is always surprising me with

I highly recommend

Michael deMeng’s newest book, Dusty Diablos …  a visual feast full of inspiration … he shares some great techniques and tells some fascinating stories in the process … his artwork draws you in with its richness … mystery and depth

I was lucky enough to take an altered light bulb class with Michael at Art & Soul a few years ago … I would definitely take a class from him again… each time I learn so much from this generous and talented artist!

many thanks once again Angela !!!


“Party” is the theme this week at Wednesday Stamper

I am still in Frida mode and created a postcard with another of the beautiful painted backgrounds that the lovely and talented Linda in Norway gifted me with

*you can click for a close up of my postcard*

cutouts from a seed catalog…stamping…with white gel pen highlights

plus one  Impress rubber stamp

Note: to my blogspot friends, I have tried to leave comments on several blogs this morning with no success … I will of course be checking again later

WS: Flowers

flowers bring so much color and interest to life…they are among my favorite things

there is even a “language of flowers” which has been used to communicate feelings since Victorian times

this week’s challenge theme for Wednesday Stamper/Mittwochstempler is “flowers”

my postcard began with a beautiful painted background from Linda in Norway

a B Line Design arch stamp and a Rubber Stampede daisy stamp … flowers from Dover clip art and a seed catalog

clickable for closeups

the bluebird of happiness was not a frequent visitor at Frida’s Casa Azul
Here’s Hoping you all had a Happy Cinco de Mayo!

WS: Women’s History Month

there are so many women of note that came to mind for the WS Women’s History Month theme

I could not pass up the chance to do a Frida Kahlo piece

it all began with a sardine can

and beeswax at our local altered arts group gathering

torn map and tissue papers …  bits of lace … a piece of metal zipper and a crepe paper Memorial Day poppy made by a veteran in 2005 (see it’s good to hang on to things sometimes)

the final touch was the red ribbon holding a mother-of-pearl sacred heart pendant that I have also had around for a while

one word from this American Art Stamp (Designer: Kathleene Callei) went into my Frida shrine

be sure and visit Wednesday Stamper to be inspired by our guest designer Sherry Goodloe …  she created an amazing reversible Fragments necklace for this week’s theme to celebrate women

* * Happy St Patty’s Day … here is a sweet Irish tune for ya * *

Frida in the House and a giveaway

This Frida piece is for two challenges this week…..Dans ma maison il y a….une peintre (a painter) and Wednesday Stamper (WS) Bows/Schleifen.  I used a Stampers Anonymous shrine stamp highlighting it with white gel pen and gold gouache.


It’s a rainy dark day, so getting a good photo was a bit of a challenge, you can click for a closer look.

This short video shows real footage of the lovely and mysterious Frida.


A talented art friend, Roberta,  is having a 200th blog post celebration. Be sure and pop over for a visit and leave a comment for a chance to win her lovely giveaway.

wings to fly

The theme at TMTA is “cloth and paper”.  My Frida ATC has a piece of sheer fabric that has wonderful shimmery dots on it, it’s one of my favorite “gypsy” fabrics!  I painted over a background that I didn’t like while the ink was still a little wet and it gave an interesting texture.


“Feet, what do I need them for; If I have wings to fly.” ~Frida Kahlo, 1907 – 1954

WS: Twinchies

Twinchies are 2-inch (5cm) squares! Belinda at Wednesday Stamper is challenging everyone to give them a try this week. And of course to use at least one rubberstamp. I had never done a ‘paper’ two inch square before.
Mine is made from a piece of cardboard from a pudding box, that I lightly sanded and stamped on.

I used four of my brand new stamps (just arrived today) from Layers of Color. They stamp beautifully!

Back in February I made four fabric 2×2” squares for the wonderful Pink Artist Project. For an update on what is happening next, visit the lovely and talented Monica.

Just yesterday, my friend, Janet and I were out junking….what a fun day!

One of the treasures we found was children’s wooden game pieces that measure exactly 2 x 2 inches. I will have plenty for future projects; just knew I “needed” them :)

*If you have a minute, stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win one of my metal ATCs. I am celebrating my 300th blogpost!*

Art & Soul Vintage Metal Deck Card #7

OK, I’ve fallen behind in posting the pictures of my Art & Soul metal ATCs.

Here is #7 out of the 12 that I made in Hampton.

Frida Kahlo was definitely “not just an artist”. This is one of my favorites.

The resistors at the bottom were a fun wired element to add along with the beads.
The “L” on the other side came in our class goodie packs from Leighanna Light. I used some pattern paper on this side of the card along with paints. I find that my finger often makes a perfect paintbrush; it’s a nice way to dab the paint on. I brought the cheesecloth around from the front of the ATC too; that is such a good ingredient for collage and more!

“Painting completed my life.” ~Frida Kahlo


The Make a Moo or Two challenge theme is Women. Even tho I’m not feeling all that well, I just didn’t want to miss out on this one. I chose Frida Kahlo.

In looking at her art you will notice that she oftentimes gives herself very small feet. This quote inspired me, as does Frida.
“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” ~Frida Kahlo
Jean, I used my first butterfly from the beautiful paper you sent me, Frida really needed the wings! Thank you again!

Frida Kahlo

Here is a spread I did in a talented art friend’s book (Chris Wise) for an altered book round robin back in Dec 2005….so long ago already!

I am guessing her theme might have been something like, Women in Art, can’t quite remember.
I covered a soft wooden frame with silver metal tape and etched the design in with a stylus. I had the perfect milagro to sum up Frieda and Diego’s relationship.
The framed page opens up to this second spread.
I liked how Diego is blocked out of the picture when the page is turned.

That may not have been intentional at the time, just something that I noticed after it was completed.

I Love (don’t you think Love should begin with a capital “L”, I like it that way!)…OK, I Love that about creating and not thinking too much, wonderful discoveries and seemingly hidden meanings are revealed.

A generous and talented arting friend, Karen Furbish, shared that really special silver doily with me. Mind you, I don’t always remember phone numbers, but that sort of detail stays with me…..

I really enjoyed working on Chris’ book and am so glad I at least have a few photos to remind me of it. Taking pictures made it a little easier to part with.

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.”

…………..and another quote from Frida, she has lots of good ones

“The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.” ~~Frida Kahlo~~