The magic in music

Ravi and Anoushka Shankar

If I had a life list and I guess I kind of do have a mental one, seeing Ravi Shankar (he’s 87 years young) perform has always been a hearts desire for me.

We were fortunate enough this evening to see him perform with one of his talented daughters, Anoushka, at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.  A visit to the center is an event in itself.  There was indeed magic in their music and prescence together.  We enjoyed a beautiful dinner at the Rooftop Restaurant with panoramic views of the city and the sunset.

What a night!

P.S. My sweetie and I also went to see The Darjeeling Limited, I did not mind seeing it a second time.

P.S.S. Do you have a ‘life list’, things you’d like to do in this life?

“The magic in music happens only when the artist serves it with love and joy ~ and the listeners receive it with the same spirit” ~Ravi Shankar

3 responses to “The magic in music

  1. As an Indian I feel quite nice when someone appreciates an artist of my country. Ravi Shankar is a legend and his daughters are sure to follow in his footsteps !
    I am not a big fan of Indian Instrumental Music myself but do know that its extraordinary and soothing


  2. Glad you’re having fun after the trip : )

    A life list is almost as hard to do as the “soundtrack of my life” thing. I guess one of mine would be to witness snowing : ) I’ve seen snow, but not falling from the sky : P Oh, and a real autumn! Like, orange leaves falling from the sky~ while having a nice cup of coffee, bliss~

    (My city is pretty plain season-wise 😐 )


  3. Sounds like you had a perfect evening! What a treat to hear a legend play in person. Bliss! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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