Come Sit a Spell….Floyd

Rusty chairs

These rusty chairs were so neat, they would wink at me at different times of the day with the sun casting shadows.

***footnote: I am submitting this for Ana’s Friday (17 June 2011) Archive Dive***

my oh my has my blog come a long way since 2007 🙂

6 responses to “Come Sit a Spell….Floyd

  1. oh wow these are inspirational too…..and your blog is always a great place to visit…dear friend…


  2. isn’t it fun to look back though…? I felt like a toddler… xoxo


  3. Patty,
    What is the title about? My grandfather, father and brother are all Floyd’s. Is this a song? It such is a great shot!!!
    P.S. OK…I just checked. Floyd is a TOWN!!!


  4. What fantastic chairs! I know a fellow named Floyd.



  5. Winking for sure! (Hey, Pattie)

    I’m going to guess the title has something to do with Andy Griffith.


  6. fabulous chairs! Love the shadows.


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