More St. Nicholas Fest Fun

Purple Coat SantaOkay, I got a little excited when I posted the 1912 Christmas Tree postcard on my pevious post.

Today is all about St. Nicholas!!! So here I have two Santa postcards for you to use in your art.

Please use these FREE DOWNLOADS and have fun!Santa in his car               

Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

9 responses to “More St. Nicholas Fest Fun

  1. This day was so much fun. Happy St. Nicholas Day, again! And thanks for sharing the cards. I really love Santa in his car plowing through the snow!


  2. Love these postcards – thanks for sharing!


  3. these are wonderful, thanks again for sharing!


  4. although I can’t really find a use for this images I think it’s great to see this caracter in any color other than the red/white combo I’ve been seeing since I was born!

    In my family we’ve always thought that Santa should come to this side of the world on shorts and t-shirt. Winter clothing with this summer heat?? poor old guy : (


  5. They are gorgeous, thank you so much. Hope you had a wonderful day.


  6. Thank you for these gorgeous postcards!


  7. Great postcards!!! I like seeing Santa in that purple robe. Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. thanks for being so generous and sharing these images. I hope you enjoyed santa claus fest! It was a blast.


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