Indian Wedding

India2Jan08I was excited to use fabrics in this spread.

The image of the wedding couple depicts the absolute power of the Mogul emperors which extended even to the matters of romance. When Jahangir (pictured in the coin at the top of the right page) fell in love with the wife of Sher Afghan, she was soon widowed. The couple in the arch is thought to represent Jahangir and his hard-won bride, the beauteous Nur Mahal.

On the left, I’ve made a pocket of lovely mehndi painted hands of a bride. Tucked inside are a red sari clad lady on a stick, rather like a little shadow puppet. The tasseled card is taken from an actual Western/Indian wedding. I reduced the pages to fit in the pocket. The traditions of a Bengali wedding ceremony are explained on the back of the card.

One response to “Indian Wedding

  1. I attended an Indian engagement party a few years ago. I loved all the colors and art they had present at the ceremony. It was gorgeous. Thanks for explaining your spread!


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