Paint Scraped Journal Pages

I am drawn to vintage everything, so these pages were a huge departure for me along with being a whole lot of fun.

The Britannica Junior encyclopedia pages make a wonderful canvas and receive paint very well.

Magpie's Nest scraped-paint-journalltinsp

One of the things that made these pages different for me was using images found in everyday magazines/publications.

“Inspired” would be on the left hand spread and “354 check” would be the right hand side of the book. Just above the number is a red label that says “Remove Before Flight”. It could be tricky flying with a peacock on your head!

Magpie's Nest scraped-paint-journalremove

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” ~Bo Bennett


7 responses to “Paint Scraped Journal Pages

  1. I like how the letters on the background are still visible with the paint over it.


  2. Great pages!!


  3. Interesting pages Patty, but best of all I loved the “enthusiasm” quote! You have something for everyone, everywhere! Good Job!


  4. Both of your pages are really great. Love your ideas.


  5. Deine Journalseiten sind super schön geworden


  6. These are wonderful creations. Glad I stopped by to take a look again.


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