African Stick Doll

AfricanMaskStickDollJan08This doll came out of my quest for buttons for the WS Button Dollz challenge!

I like stick dolls they make me feel like a kid. You can’t hold a stick doll and not want to make it dance!

African beads were the spark, next came the wonderful African mask image!

This morning I woke up with the inspiration to use a black Sharpie marker on a golden flimmerstern. Oh, that worked SO well, even the under paper I did the coloring on will be fantastic for another project! Who knew the flimmersterne would be so versatile hahaa!

The sweet little copper bells (which just happened to match the turquoise on the mask) are from a wonderful company Speckled Egg. Click to check them out.

Here’s a TIP: Click for a close up look at the neat menu stand my husband spotted for me around the holidays at a local kitchen shop. They are only a dollar and make great card holders. You just slip your piece into the clip and viola! I usually have my most recent on line challenge clipped in one. It worked perfectly to hold the wooden coffee stirrer I used for my art doll!

AfricanMaskStickDollCloseupJan08 MenuClip

6 responses to “African Stick Doll

  1. kreativgeschwafel

    amazing what you make with the doll theme !


  2. You are so creative!


  3. Oh Patty! You are quickly becoming the doll queen! This African doll is WONDERFUL!

    I got some sign holders, similar to your menu holder, at a close-out sale where the store was even selling the fixtures. I love stuff like this. Will post a pic when I post my stash pics over the weekend.


  4. What a fantastic idea, the African doll looks great.


  5. awesome!!!the creative juices are flowing!!!


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