Mr. Zentangles……


Zentangles are an interesting challenge…’s doodling but a little more. Knowing when enough was enough was a large part of the challenge for me. My husband’s reaction was “You did all that?” Zentangles 1st try 31Jan08Here are my first three attempts at this Zen doodling……for me it was an exercise of filling in the blanks and leaving some blanks and then filling in some blanks again……

I must go cut some more 140lb weight watercolor paper. The pens I’m using are from Germany, by Staedtler. Pigmented Ink, Archival and Acid-free. They are also waterproof with no scent to them.
Oh, did I mention that not adding color is a huge part of the challenge for me!

Inspiration comes from so many places. Zentangles were sparked for me by a Yahoo Group. It is a fun and sharing group that focuses on ATCs and techniques!

The group moderator is fine collector of quotes. She shares them on a daily basis with the group. Here is one I just had to pass along, as I really feel this quote!

“Art is in the doing. It isn’t important how it turns out. The process is where
the pleasure, the learning and the experience take place. A day without some
sort of creative endeavor is a wasted day.”
Myrna Wacknov, “Splendid Over 60”, article from the latest issue of The
Artist’s Magazine.

Thank you Sherre!

Speaking of ‘the process’, it turns out my first Zentangles were not finished afterall. Here are my completed cards! This would make a nice project to take along on a trip or for waiting at a doctor’s office even. ZentanglesFinal1Feb08

13 responses to “Mr. Zentangles……

  1. Wow, these look fun and what a great idea to do them while “waiting” somewhere, airport, car repairs, train station, Super Bowl between commercials (not a big football fan, can you tell)! Thanks for sharing these…


  2. These are neat… and thanks for the link. I followed it through to the main group and signed up to join 🙂


  3. patty, die sind toll. ich finde zentangles wunderschön, wollte auch schon lange zeit welche ausprobieren. wenn ich welche gemacht habe, dann tauschen wir?


  4. See my comments under the Love posting. I clicked on the wrong comments link. I love the Zentangles.


  5. P. S. I caught onto the Bo Jangles theme to this post title! His statue is here in Richmond.


  6. Way to go, Patty! Congrats on taking the zentangle plunge! And thanks for your comments on my blog. The quote you put in your post is PERFECT! Just think – you already have your zen ATCs ready to trade! 🙂 (Addictive, aren’t they???)


  7. Patty these are very very interesting – I need to google zentangles so that I can get more info – I may try this too.


  8. zentangles.. this is a new one.. they lok terrific!!


  9. Your zentangles are wonderful. I’m so glad you showed what the start and then to the end product. Great idea indeed for keeping in the car to take as you wait and wait and wait for appointments. Fun way to pass the time…hmmm, plane ride??? I think perhaps so, maaaaybe 🙂


  10. HI just wondered what paper and pens you use. Are there any tutorials on this. I know that there has to be a little more to it than just doodling. Thanks for any help you can give me.


  11. wowza, seen these before and just love the b/w doodling. inchies might be a great size for me to start haha


  12. Wendy (Scotland UK)

    Hi, Tks for sharing your zentangles, the’re great. Just got into doing them myself, very addictive.
    Like you got to stop myself colouring them.


  13. I found your entry after googling zentangles. I’ve other people’s zentangles here and there and had to find out what it was. I think your cards look cool. Thanks for the link to their site. There were a few tutorials in their newsletter archives. I’ve tried two of them and I really like them. I just ordered the kit. Thanks for letting me share.



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