Wool Sewing Caddy

Roseann Meehan Kermes designed a sweet wool sewing caddy.

A fun bunch of quilters that I hang out with (The Woolie Nuts) chose this as a project for last month’s meeting. It was something you could begin and finish in well under two hours.dsc02667woolsewingcaddy

Everyone’s turned out differently with the various choices of wool and decoration.You can get the pattern and instructions at All People Quilt. It is a really fun little project!

I did not really plan mine, just used what wool pieces I had on hand. Several years ago, I was a hooker. I collected wool skirts and dyed them, cut them into strips and hooked decorative mats and such.

8 responses to “Wool Sewing Caddy

  1. so cute! I’ve never been so much of a sewer myself… I can only do “faux” sewing, lol!


  2. Love this! You always amaze me! Fondly, Kim


  3. This caddy is adorable!
    I think your talent shows through even more when you didn’t plan it and your creative eye has to shine through


  4. sieht super aus!klasse idee!!:0)


  5. I can’t stop laughing at you telling us you were a ‘hooker’… despite that, it’s a lovely little project! Please don’t be offended – I even got some cutlery the other day…! xoxoxo


  6. paperbouquet

    Very charming piece! Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. : )



  7. love your little sewing caddy, especially the two little sprigs of pink flower buds, they just make it perfect!!!!


  8. Its so fun to see your sewing caddy! When I sent that to American Patchwork, I had no idea it would be such a hit … people have sent me photos or to their blogs from all over the world. It’s very fun to see yours … the little rosebuds are adorable!


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