Still Zentangling….

ZentangleDressformMarch08Here is a sampling of some of my latest Zentangles. I am in several Zentangle swaps, so I’ve been busy doodling.

I am so inspired by Fatma. She is the Zentangle Queen! She uses stamped faces and WOW her results are amazing. Do have a look at her blog! I was lucky enough to swap with her. In a future post I will be showing off some of the wonderful artwork I’ve been lucky enough to receive lately.

6 responses to “Still Zentangling….

  1. We had zentangles late last year as a challenge and I couldn’t get to grips with them, but yours ‘speak’ to me and I’ve actually made 2 now! (not fit for sharing though!)
    Maybe I should give the stamping faces a try… hmmmmmmmmmm.


  2. oh my dear. die sind traumhaft geworden


  3. “gg” sehe ich jetzt erst. na die zentanglequeen bist du, schau dir deine an, die sind einfach genial


  4. Die sind ja voll cool. Super klasse Patty


  5. I don’t know, Patty. Maybe YOU are the zentangle queen! Those are fascinating. I like Fatma’s use of the faces. Thanks for pointing me to her blog. Maybe you are co-queens.


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