dear child

dear child Here is one of the tins that I altered with beeswax along with a brief how-to (I do have several other posts with beeswax as well).

The first step is to bake the tin outside on the grill. I line the racks with tin foil. The heat peels the paint off nicely giving it a vintage patina in the process. You want to bake it long enough to peel the paint but not warp your tin. Check on it periodically, turning if necessary.

Lightly sand the tin, clean with a cloth and you’re ready to play. Be sure and protect your work surface with a generous layer of newspaper or craft sheet, it can get messy.

Using the Clover Mini Quilting Iron and a beeswax candle (just because that’s what I had handy); I dripped some wax onto the top of the tin. Next, I put down the trimmed Paper Whimsy image, layering some patterned tissue, along with other paper bits. Pressing on the papers with the iron brings the melted wax up from behind; it may be necessary to drip a little more wax on top depending on the look you’re going for. I experimented with using less wax on this tin. Even the golden crown charm is affixed with beeswax, no glue needed at all. One of the beauties of working with wax, and there are many, is that you can reheat thicker papers and peel them off if you’re not happy with their placement. Save that lovely waxed paper for another project.

You can also use a heat tool, from a good distance, to level the wax if you so desire. It gives a nice finish. It all depends on the look you’re after. Be sure and give it plenty of time to harden and do it on a level protected surface.

As a final step, you can buff the surface lightly on a soft pair of jeans or rub lightly with your fingers to remove a bit of the bloom and give it a light shine. I’m using the tin to hold my growing Moo collection.

19 responses to “dear child

  1. oh patty, du machst mich mal wieder schwach. die dose ist ein traum


  2. oh my gosh, this is unbelievable, thank you sooo much for sharing this technique, I can’t wait to try it!!


  3. This is gorgie… thanks for the tutorial. Do you have any suggestions for paint removal for city dwellers like myself who don’t have access to outdoor grills?


  4. this is so beautiful !!!


  5. Okay, I’m firing up the barbecue and hoping that I can create a piece even half as awesome as this one. This technique just excites me….and I do have a bit of a “thing” for beeswax. Wonderful work. Hey, if you’d ever love to exchange something, give me a shout!!


  6. I love this…its gorgeous and beautiful!


  7. so gorgeous, love this !


  8. Really beuatiful combination!


  9. Wow klasse! Love it 🙂


  10. Its fabulous and thank you for the tutorial.


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  12. You know, I used beeswax candles too when I first tried a collage for Giffers! However, I hadn’t got my iron then and it turned out really lumpy – lovely, but lumpy! I may have to melt it all and try again… hmmmm. Thanks for showing me ‘how’!


  13. This is very pretty…. I have a collection of tins of all types and thank you for the info. on bbq’ing the paint off. Question: How long to do actually bbq them?
    Keep making your beautiful art.
    Mary Lou


  14. This is gorgeous – you’ve inspired me to have a go.


  15. Oh thank you so much for sharing this tin with all us bloggers, it is beautiful!


  16. Hi I found you via the Inspirational blog

    You have definitely inspired me !!

    Thanks for sharing

    Julie x


  17. very beautiful work!

    Inspirational team member



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  19. very cool! Just a shame we don’t get a chance to have our BBQ’s out much over here in the UK


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