The Make a Moo or Two challenge theme is Women. Even tho I’m not feeling all that well, I just didn’t want to miss out on this one. I chose Frida Kahlo.

In looking at her art you will notice that she oftentimes gives herself very small feet. This quote inspired me, as does Frida.
“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” ~Frida Kahlo
Jean, I used my first butterfly from the beautiful paper you sent me, Frida really needed the wings! Thank you again!

10 responses to “Brava

  1. Wow what a stunning moo. Love Frida.


  2. Great choice of woman for your Moo. I love the gold background!


  3. This is beautiful.


  4. great moo !!!!


  5. love your moo!!! great background and a great woman!!!!


  6. dutchstamptramp

    Gorgeous! Love the idea with the wings and your background is fab!


  7. This is a beautiful moo. The wings on Frida are perfect! How do you do it??


  8. Beautiful moo love the wings. Hope you feel well soon.
    I am tired a lot as I am very busy at work it spoils my creative time.


  9. Oh, your MOO looks really great. Love the Frida theme. I’ve been to the cinema last week… they’ve shown “Frida” a wonderful movie.


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