City Mouse

Taking the train to Philadelphia was fun and different. We tend to drive almost everywhere in the DC metropolitan area. We both found the train ride very relaxing; an entirely different atmosphere than flying. A nice change from driving all over the countryside of Virginia. It took less than two hours from Union Station in Washington DC.

Philly, The City of Brotherly Love, is a great walking town and walk we did!

Well, after we took a romantic carriage ride that is. We began our ride in the historical district right next to where the liberty bell is housed. Murphy, the horse, took us in our enchanted white and purple carriage to a magical place near South Street. Our driver was a real character, and so informative, but we seem to only be able to remember his horse’s name….. OK the spot that he dropped us off near is SO over the top amazing I have to post separately about that. We took over one hundred photos of just that afternoon! We did not want to leave!

But here is the real reason we came to Philadelphia in the first place! Thanks to sweet Trish who presented us with tickets to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This Frida Kahlo exhibition is making the second of three appearances here in the US. The next stop will be San Francisco.

Funny story to share, Trish was staying in Mexico for two weeks as part of her Spanish college class, living with a family and enjoying the sights. She visited the Casa Azul Museo in Coyoacan and the Dolores Olmedo Museo in Xochimilco just to see Frida’s artwork. Both places told her that the paintings were in the United States!

It worked out so that she was able to be at opening night at the Philly museum, and she enjoyed that very much. Now that’s what I call determination and for good reason!

The exhibit was totally amazing and emotional. In addition to 42 of her paintings (which is about a quarter of the number she created in her lifetime) there were awesome personal photographs from her albums, about one hundred of them. This added a lot to an already very powerful exhibit.

There are so many marvelous things to see at the Museum. Among many, we especially enjoyed “A Flute in the Forest: Tales of Young Krishna”. It was a small exhibit but stunning. We liked the fact that the museum had many areas where you ‘felt’ like you were in an ancient location, where they brought part of the outside in……a Japanese tea house with bamboo and stone gardens, a Byzantine courtyard with stone pillars and fountain, low lighting and so forth. It would be a wonderful place to visit again and again, as is any museum really, just so many treasures!

We lingered so long, we happened upon a fun Friday event…..Art After 5.

Not only did the night lights come on…doesn’t Diana look stunning in red….the grand stair hall was transformed into a cabaret with drinks and nibblies (how do you say Tres Leches) AND entertainment.

We enjoyed the music of Cuban-born pianist, Elio Villafranca and his trio.

These are just some highlights of our visit, we packed so much into just three days and boy did we walk, along with a few crazy cab rides too!

2 responses to “City Mouse

  1. Beautiful phots, Patty! Really lovely…


  2. Oh how awesome!!! This should be so exciting!


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