Frida Kahlo

Here is a spread I did in a talented art friend’s book (Chris Wise) for an altered book round robin back in Dec 2005….so long ago already!

I am guessing her theme might have been something like, Women in Art, can’t quite remember.
I covered a soft wooden frame with silver metal tape and etched the design in with a stylus. I had the perfect milagro to sum up Frieda and Diego’s relationship.
The framed page opens up to this second spread.
I liked how Diego is blocked out of the picture when the page is turned.

That may not have been intentional at the time, just something that I noticed after it was completed.

I Love (don’t you think Love should begin with a capital “L”, I like it that way!)…OK, I Love that about creating and not thinking too much, wonderful discoveries and seemingly hidden meanings are revealed.

A generous and talented arting friend, Karen Furbish, shared that really special silver doily with me. Mind you, I don’t always remember phone numbers, but that sort of detail stays with me…..

I really enjoyed working on Chris’ book and am so glad I at least have a few photos to remind me of it. Taking pictures made it a little easier to part with.

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.”

…………..and another quote from Frida, she has lots of good ones

“The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.” ~~Frida Kahlo~~

11 responses to “Frida Kahlo

  1. cool pages! what a great layout! I Love the metal tape you worked, what a wonderful texture you created!


  2. All of your Frida work is absolutely gorgeous. I just keep enlarging the book spread to see all of the details. It IS strange how something like the window blocking out Diego just happens without our planning….like it’s destiny! Wonderful work.


  3. Wonderful! I also love Frida and your work is absolute fantastic!


  4. Deine Frida Seiten sind spitze!


  5. These pages are exquisite. The backgrounds, especially the striped one on the third LO, are incredible.
    I’d LOVE to have a silver doily…


  6. i love all these pages! thanks for sharing!


  7. fabulous pages patty!! you know how much enjoy frida. and quite a happy “thing” that diego is blocked out, too clever.


  8. patty the üages looks sooo great!!! love all the different details – gorgeous work!!!

    best wishes


  9. I just had to click on your Frida link on the side!
    Frida is such is such an intriging character, I actually visited her Casa Azul in Mexico City while going to Uni there. Love it!
    Anyway I love your pages, and I noticed immediatly how Diego was covered with the frame, very clever!
    What I wanted to share here it’s something I learned recently while looking thru a book. Did you know that Frida kept an ArtJournal!!? I didn’t know, it’s soooo very cool.


  10. intriguing, i meant 😀


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