Tea for Three

It could not have been a lovelier day here in Virginia, it actually got quite warm = 80 degrees.

The sun felt wonderful, my first outing in almost a week.

Lennie made reservations for tea for Pat M, she and I months ago at the old carriage house on the majestic Oatlands Plantation; one of our favorite country spots!

Even with a squeaky voice, I was determined not to miss the fun.

It’s always a delight to visit, but having tea, well all the better.

I had posted some fall photos from this same view of the plantation house back in November.
Every season holds it’s treats and surprises!

My Opa used to grow Bleeding Hearts huge as a bush with blossoms just like this one.

I have never had the same luck with mine.

I like the folklore name for the flower “lady in a bath”. If you take a blossom and turn it up, the white part looks like a shadowy lady rising out of her pink bathtub.
It was such a splendid day with promising signs of spring everywhere we looked.

Thank you Lennie and Pat for sharing such a wonderful day from beginning to end!


While I was away sweet ‘gipsy’ Rosie lee, featured my “dear child” beeswax tin tutorial on the very interesting, Inspirational Craft Blogs site. Thank you for selecting me, that’s so very nice.  Beeswax IS such a lot of fun to play with!

7 responses to “Tea for Three

  1. what a lovely day! tea in a beautiful cup, spring popping all around you in a beautiful home….sounds perfect!


  2. What a heavenly place to go for a cuppa!! My kitchen pales in comparison…one wheel on my wagon, lalala!! 😉
    You so deserve to be mentioned on Inspirational! Gipsy Rosie Lee xx


  3. nice shot of the “bleeding hearts”! It’s amazing how everytime I visit your blog I get to “meet” a new flower! : )


  4. What a fantasic day! And you captured it perfectly in pictures. I have just finished a post about botanical gardens and your lovely flowers remind me of some of the images I found.


  5. Hi Patty,

    I visited Leslie Riley’s blog today and she’s having an auction for Cabinet Cards on Ebay. I thought of you, check it out! http://myartheart.blogspot.com/. Are you still going to Hampton?


  6. Faantastic close up of the bleeding hearts, I can almost smell them. The pictures are a grand memory. Especially nice to re-visit again on this dreary, rain-filled day.


  7. what a fun day!! lovely photos 🙂


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