Art & Soul Hampton 2007

Last May was my first experience at Art & Soul Hampton. The theme was “At Home”.

It certainly was a one of a kind experience and totally new to me.

I took some amazing classes. The first was from the talented Cher Lashley, creating an ‘illuminated manuscript’ below. We worked in many layers using products like GAC 100, gesso and more. The textures are lost on the scanned image.

The second day was spent with Michael deMeng. What an amazing artist. I had not really planned my lightbulb shrine, but was very happy with the results. Michael taught amazing paint techniques and made a really comfortable learning environment. He had wonderful junk for us too. I chose the bicycle pedal as a main part of my shrine. On one side of the pedal I had cut out the word “heart” and for the other side “soul”.

I did bring a few dodads including the rusty metal star for the base of my creation, the odd earing and I just happened to have the two silk leaves on hand as well. It was such a learning experience. I amazed myself that I ‘finished’ my shrine on that day.

Misty Mawn’s class was the last day. I do not know when I have gotten so into paint, it was just so wonderful. It would not be hard to just watch Misty create all day, she makes it seem effortless. I could very easily become one of her groupies 🙂

This is a photocopy of a card I made from my first 11″x14″ canvas. I had never drawn a face before….ever….and this canvas size was large for me. I am very happy with this piece and learned so much about paints and texture building. I have a few more canvases still waiting for attention.

I was sorry to learn that Misty would not be teaching at this year’s Art & Soul in Virginia.

A talented art acquaintance, Roberta, just spent three days with Misty at Asilomar. WOW, I can only imagine, that lucky duck. Have a look at her adventures, she has several really interesting blog posts on her Asilomar adventures, along with her other beautiful artwork. I had almost signed up for that retreat, good thing I didn’t as I’m just getting over pneumonia.

For trades my husband took apart some neat gauges. I made up goodie bags with springs, dials and what not, tied with a house key. I had about 20 of those.

I was very excited when I got the idea to cut a real playing card into the house shape for altering. I doodled on them too.

It was my husband’s idea (isn’t he sweet!) to add the ‘smoke’ coming out of the little chimneys, it says “Home Sweet Home”.

Soon it will be time for Art & Soul 2008 “By the Sea” in Hampton. I have nothing to show; traveling and then getting sick is not getting the job done……yet. I’m not going to stress about it, this is supposed to be fun and with trades or without it will be a great time.

I’ll be taking classes from four very talented artists!

Doris Arndt, Leighanna Light, LK Ludwig, and Beryl Taylor…..Paper, metal and fabric = oh boy!!

5 responses to “Art & Soul Hampton 2007

  1. WOW Amazing!!! What a great time!!! Amazing art you made too…I love MdM…took a class last year from him, we made shoe shrines…I’ll check him out when he is back in my area again for sure!


  2. Hey Patty,

    I remember those little houses, in fact I still have mine! I haven’t done trades this year either, so busy with the new house. I found so much stuff I’ve collected this past year, I was thinking about making little packs of ephemera. We’ll see if I can get to it this weekend. I’m taking 3 classes with Traci Bunkers and 1 with Diana Trout! Hope to catch up with you there!


  3. Wow what a great time you had!! Your light bulb shrine and MM painting are really cool! I like your little houses too, great idea!!


  4. i love those little houses 🙂


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