Yippee Kay Yay

A surprise for a special friend to celebrate her 75th birthday!

What a delightful thing I got to do today! I presented my dear friend, Lennie, with a (belated) birthday gift.

‘Giving gifts’ is easy, ‘receiving gifts’ takes grace and thoughtfulness and more too, I’m convinced.

Lennie is a lot of fun to give something to. First of all she gets me! From the moment we met, some years ago now, we’ve clicked and never skipped a beat. There is never a shortage of what to chat about, we share so many interests! She is so appreciative of details and what goes into something. We never miss the chance to share the ‘back stories’….and there always seem to be several to tell!

For instance, the snippets of fabric I used on the front and inside of the tin…..I bought a rusty tin full of old old dress patterns; a couple were tied with a strip of fabric. I knew when I saw this particular piece that I would use it for Lennie’s Cowgirl tin, along with some snips of the aged pattern tissue.

Why a cowgirl tin you might wonder……well, it turns out Lennie even has a Cowgirl NAME….yup….Ms. Molly Stimpson!

Before I knew that, I’ve always enjoyed hearing Lennie say how she would have Loved to have lived back in the ole west (maybe she did, who knows for certain).

I had a wonderful time creating this altered tin imagining Lennie back in the wild west forging the way for women at a time when women did not have very many rights at all. Life was hard.

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.” —Tim McGraw

Here is a quote from a pioneer woman who worked to find her way to independence:

“I concluded to make some pies and see if I could sell them to the miners for their lunches, as there were about one hundred men on the creek, doing their own cooking – there were plenty of dried apples and dried pealed peaches from Chili, pressed in the shape of a cheese, to be had, so I bought fat salt pork and made lard, and my venture was a success.

I sold fruit pies for one dollar and a quarter a piece, and mince pies for one dollar and fifty cents. I sometimes made and sold, a hundred in a day, and not even a stove to bake them in, but had two small dutch ovens.” ~Mary Jane Caples, Pie Maker during the Gold Rush 1848

P.S. The first three photos have a glare that washes out the true color, I think I got excited and rushed the photographing a bit!
One more finishing touch, every cowgirl needs a HAT!

7 responses to “Yippee Kay Yay

  1. Oh My Golly, Miss Molly, You sure did me proud Patty and it is even more special to know that your Jimmy had a little bit of a hand in this too with the “Old West” words on the back. I just love every tiny little bit of this tin, inside and out. It is an amazing piece of art with so many treasures to catch the eye and heart. I’ve been looking at it all afternoon and enjoying it more and more.
    Now to send your blog off to the family, near and far, so that they can see it too. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, Dear Patty!

    Happy Trails to you, until we meet again, Molly aka Lennie


  2. Oh how marvelous to have a friend that not only “gets you” but enjoys the back stories! I have a friend like that and she is a rare treasure. And I agree iit is so much easier to give a gift than to receive one.


  3. What a wonderful gift Patty!! I now understand how this will keep Lennie a/k/a Molly “galloping another 25 years”. I can’t wait to see it in person!


  4. Lenny must be pretty special to inspire such a marvelous work. I love this piece, I love all the details and how much sweet thought you put into this….wonderful, wonderful!!!


  5. ahh, this is wonderful 🙂 a special tin for a special lady 🙂


  6. I was just browsing the web, looking at art done for challenges, and came across this posting and just HAD to comment …. you see, I have never ever come across another woman whose name was Lennie … until now! I thought I was the only one 🙂 This made my day! (btw, my name, Lennie, is what family and friends call me; given name is Lenore….)


  7. Just too cool – !!! Happy b’day – again!!!!!


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