The bluebird…..

……carries the sky on his back.

This Henry David Thoreau quote was my inspiration for my BLUE ATCs in an upcoming Art Techniques Yahoo Group swap.

After lightly sanding recycled cereal box cardboard, I added a layer of gesso. I then coated the cards lightly with blue acrylic paint.

After that dried, I added a layer of matte gel medium with a piece of dictionary paper on top. Before the gel medium dried, I applied masking tape smoothing over the word page. Pulling the tape off gently creates interesting layers and texture on the surface.

This is a technique from Claudine Hellmuth’s Collage Discovery book. There are lots of great techniques to try in that book.

Next step, adding more color:

I inked the ATC with Colorbox Azurite Blue chalk ink and Pearlescent Sky Blue Brilliance ink, dabbing it lightly with some gray acrylic paint with my finger.

Gluing the quotes on was a lesson in patience.

The final decorations were a piece of flimmersterne for the rays of the sun and a little blue feather.

12 responses to “The bluebird…..

  1. Wonderful ATC. It’s lovely to read the description of materials & techniques used. Thank you xx


  2. Wow, Nancy, this is soooo lovely – the colors, the little bird, your intention – everything fits perfectly together – great piece of art !!!


  3. Bluebirds are so beautiful. I will never forget the day I saw my first one. Brilliant.
    I love your sun here too.


  4. I just love bluebirds, and you have done a lovely job with this little fellow! I have 4 who visit my yard. I’ve only seen one since I’ve lived here (1979), so it was a joy to see these 4 boys in my yard…So this piece of art is a real celebration, Patty! Hugs, Lynn


  5. Okay, where is that book on my bookshelf? It’s time to give it another look after this fantastic piece! Thank you so much for explaining how you create because I learn so much. I just need to print off your entire blog!!


  6. A wonderful rendition Patty and you did the Bluebird proud with his lovely picture and the background was perfect. I almost feel as though I am looking over your shoulder as you explain the process and I enjoy it all the more. Never stop the word pictures too!


  7. what a great piece…of course, you know, i love a bluebird….thanks for sharing how you did this technique, i guess i’ll have to buy that book!



  8. That bluebird is so pretty! Great work on this. It’s stunning.


  9. Patty this bluebird is so pretty! Maybe one will wing its way here from the swap 🙂
    Here in CA we get blue jays not bluebirds, so I really NEED this to join my bird party!
    My daughter in Philly says she’s melting, not used to that humidity… 😦


  10. You have a gift with words matched to images … wonderful!!


  11. Patty,

    I love this! The whole thing flows so well together and the quote is perfect.



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