The heat is on…

Even the soothing sounds of water tinkling in the garden can not cool the almost 100 degree temperatures here in Northern Virgina.

We are having a heat wave. We took an evening stroll last night when we thought it was finally fit to be out. It was a little before 10pm and 85 degrees (about 29 celsius). We get “it feels like” temperature reports and that said it ‘felt like’ 92 degrees at almost 10 pm!

So I pop outside briefly and take a few photos, not wanting to sit very long outdoors just now.

“A garden is like the self. It has so many layers and winding paths, real or imagined, that it can never be known, completely, even by the most intimate of friends.” ~Anne Raver

6 responses to “The heat is on…

  1. Your garden is so beautiful and serene Patty. The angel fountain is absolutely inspiring!


  2. eeh gad, almost 100 degreees at NIGHT?! That’s outrageous, I hope the heat wave is over soon! (I dunno why, but when it gets too hot in summer I don’t feel like doing anything, not even stamping, ugh!).

    On a side note, your garden looks so peaceful. Do you have those japanese bamboo fountains? I love the sound they make!


  3. OMGoodness!!! Your gardens are fantastical!!!


  4. bei uns ist in moment sommerlich warm.:-)
    dein garden sieht total klasse aus. oase pur!!


  5. What a beautiful garden. It’s hot here, too. Somewhat depressing when you can’t take a cool walk in the middle of the night!


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