Lavender Daze

It’s that time of year again when the lavender is ready to harvest.

For many years now June has meant lavender wand weaving.

******a little note (added 29 June) for the highlighted lavender wand weaving link above….

I prefer weaving with one ribbon. I tie the ribbon around the heads snugly, cutting one end short. I take a rounded needle nose plier and gently compress the stems next to the ribbon. It helps the stalks bend in the other direction without snapping/cracking.

Then I weave with the one long ribbon. If you are comfortable, you can leave your ribbon on the spool, you’ll have less waste that way.

I’ve done lots of 13 stem wands, weaving each stem individually. I also like using 21 stems, weaving 3 stems at a time. After your first row, it works up rather quickly. Tying a bow or sewing on buttons or charms all make a nice finish.*****

Oftentimes I would find myself scrambling to get the stems cut before a rain storm hit. It is important that the buds not be too open or some of the precious oils and fragrance might be lost.

I have had the pleasure, over the years, of sitting on our back porch with friends, sipping lemonade and creating lasting memories.

It is delightful and and oh so soothing. Working with the clean fresh scent along with the weaving in and out with different pretty ribbons.

Our youngest son dubbed three of my friends (Lennie, Judy and JoAnn) “the Lavender ladies” as he watched us on the back porch many years ago weaving away. That name has stuck.

The wands last for years and can be tucked into lingerie drawers or kept at your bedside. It would be Lovely to have one near the computer, I’d get to spend lots of time with it.

By gently rolling the ribbon part of the wand between your palms the lavender scent is released anew.

Can you smell it…..

Here is what I have woven thus far. There are a few more stems to be harvested.

I was inspired to do a spread in my Garden/Nature altered book. I captured some dried lavender buds under the netting in the oval frame.

The bee skep is from my Russian punch needle days.

As with most things in nature, it will be a year until the parade of lavender begins again… worth waiting for.

Our local altered arts group met recently and because of our heat wave, there was lavender ready for the picking. There was enough to go around and everyone got to make at least one wand, some of us couldn’t stop and made a half dozen by the time the day was over. Fun seeing everyone’s different ribbon choices and creativity.

We were all so calm and relaxed, well most of us anyway…..Alecia and Doris you must try it again some time 😉

This post is my 300th! WOWEE! I’m planning something fun to celebrate…..don’t know yet what it will be……do stay tuned.

And to the Love of my life and the father of our beautiful boys, you are my silver lining Liebling, fur immer und immer.

Happy Vati’s Tag XOXOXOXO

28 responses to “Lavender Daze

  1. Thank you so much for these pictures, I think I’m going to have a go at wandweaving myself. I first saw these wands in France and loved it right away.


  2. WOW, this is way to cool!! In my city we can’t grow lavender, but I saw it in Maitencillo, when we went for summer vacation some years ago… it’s beautiful and it smells SOO good! 🙂

    congratulations on your 300th post!


  3. I’ve never heard of wand weaving, and am so glad to have bumped into your beautiful photos and explanation. I am going to pass this link on to a friend who loves lavender. Your book is beautiful, too–a keepsake, for sure.


  4. fatmasplace

    ohhhhhhh wie schön, so erhält man sich den herrlichen lavendelduft für lange zeit. bei uns blüht der lavendel auch gerade. sieht richtig schön aus


  5. wunderschöne idee und deine buch seiten sehen klasse aus,Patty!


  6. Amazing work,ive never seen this done before

    wendy x


  7. i still have one of these from years ago… sure would love a *fresh* one 🙂


  8. Wow what a neat idea, I think I can smell the lavendar through my computer!


  9. I’ve never seen this before – the smell must be wonderful xx


  10. Oh patty, I’m soooo jealous that you can grow and weave these lovely wands….thank you for sharing and yes, I just might be able to smell them if I close my eyes…



  11. and your sweet book! how lovely!!


  12. I still have my wands that “We Lavender Ladies” made those many years ago. The scent is still there, not quite as strong, but it lingers and is so fresh and clean. Thanks for the memories, Patty.


  13. Dear Patty,
    These are such wonderful memories that I have of a great time together with friends. My wands are still good and the smell, though less strong however, is still there. Thanks for a very happy time on your
    back porch making memories. Judy


  14. Patty these are so gorgeous, and I can only imagine how wonderfully fragrant they are! Thank you for sharing all your talents!


  15. I have a lavender garden, too! Our summer is short and so I don’t harvest until the end, (still no buds). But we have a lavender festival with many farms full of many lovely varieties, lavender food, music, wand and basket making! One of my favorite summer fairs indeed!


  16. Patty, I have never heard of lavender weaving. I’m going out tomorrow and collect bunches of my lavender and try it to
    see if I am capable of making a lavender wand. Thanks for
    the pictures. I’m not sure I would have understood what to
    do without them. And congratulations on your 300th.


  17. Oh how cool! Thank you for showing us how to weave lavender! Mine did not survive the winter so I need to go buy another one. I absolutely love your altered book spread!!!


  18. I’ll have to try this with my lavender. I usually just hang it upside down and dry it.


  19. This is something new to me…and I just love it!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures and explaination! Congrats on the 300 Anni!


  20. This is so fabulous, my lavender should be ready to try this any day now. I noticed you have a bee and a hive! Very cool, I am “bee-spotting” and if you do not mind, would love to link to you for next monday’s post on that since bees and lavender go great together.


  21. Patty, your wands are so wonderful! I have a lavender harvest, but haven’t tried weaving. I normally just dry them and use them in some small pots and tins that hang on the wall. They are so fragrant! But yours are totally wonderful and elegant! And I love your!! Your art always amazes me! Lynn


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  24. Thankyou for the link Patty, and for the :how to- they are so beautiful, and your book pages I love, so very wonderful.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe


  25. So beautiful, Patty – just saw this on Anja’s blog and had to come visit – I love fresh lavender though unfortunately I’m not too keen on it once it’s dried… I know others love it, though and they do look so very pretty x


  26. What a great idea…and it looks amazing these woven lavender!!!
    Big compliments!
    greetings, Alie 🙂


  27. Ich bin total überrascht, es ist unglaublich!
    Was für eine schöne und bezaubernde Idee.
    Es sieht so liebevoll gemacht aus…danke für die Inspiration.

    Liebe Grüße


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