Mandala….still in the making

OK, I really like the idea of making a mandala. I thought I would just breeze into this…..well, I am stuck. I created what I have so far with no real plan. That is how I approach most things I make. Maybe I’ll have an image, color, a quote or word that gets me started, but the actual making of it is never planned out… just happens. For me that is the fun of creating and playing!

I am not sure WHAT my hangup is??? Actually I want to kind of fill in some of the blanks and do not know how to proceed…..yet at least. Often when I ‘confess’ something like, “I don’t know what to do next”, it seems to open up something and I do know what I’ll do next……….let’s hope 🙂 I would like to finish this. For loads of mandala inspiration and amazing eye candy be sure and visit Bluebird 1…2…3, the new monthly challenge blog.

An art friend, Alecia, gifted me with the most wonderful little white book so full of amazing quotes. I Love keeping it near me and opening to random pages.

“Yesterday I was not wise enough, today I understand, tomorrow I will do better? So man thinks and life goes on.” ~Hazrat Inayat Khan

2 responses to “Mandala….still in the making

  1. Wow this is fantastic.
    Wonderful creation. Love them.


  2. There is some really great work here. Very inspiring.


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