My Mandala & an art giveaway

It’s been an exciting month over at Bluebird…1…2…3 monthly challenge blog.

Jean has put so much into the wonderful Mandala Challenge.

Be sure and have a look at the completed mandalas, all so different and amazing.

Here is mine. I began in the center and worked my way out. Several times in the last couple of days I thought it was complete. I would snap a few pictures and realize I wanted to outline something else in black Sharpie. I think it is finally complete and I am happier with it than I was in the middle of the process. It wasn’t flowing for me like creating a piece so often does. I had to walk away from it for awhile. Then the pressure of a deadline kicked in and there you have it.

Thanks to my new Layers of Color Art Stamps, I was able to get rolling again. It’s always so much fun playing with new stamps.

This song popped up for me today and I thought it was the perfect finish to my mandala project.

If you have a few minutes for a blast from the past, have a listen to this song from 1976. It doesn’t sound dated to me at all. There is even a cool modern video to go with it…..gotta Love technology!

Heard it from a friend, there is wonderful blog candy (an art giveaway) just waiting for you over at Retro Cafe.  Angels are at work….Kris’ artwork is beautiful, be sure and visit her at Retro Cafe Art Gallery.

6 responses to “My Mandala & an art giveaway

  1. Beautiful creation.

    Laura’s stamps fit in perfectly xx


  2. LOVELY!! WONDERFUL!! It turned out just great!!!

    No worries about the link, I just visit everyone’s entry then add it as a link in the post body….so now you have two ways to get a visit!!

    Thank you sooooo much for your kind words and for playing, Patty…..


  3. What a wonderful display of your talent and creative eye…love it!


  4. I think your mandala is beautiful! It’s very hard to make a seven pointed star – you must have gotten out your compass and protractor – lol! The Layers of Color Stamps are lovely – very delicate ….. and I love the blue 🙂


  5. Hello,
    thank you for the friendly comment on my new paperblog. Wow, the mandala is gorgeus.
    What a nice idea.


  6. This is Fabulous, I could look at it forever. I am loving all your art and posts!



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