Land of the Thunder Dragon

Next we were off to The Mall in Washington, DC to visit the 42rd Annual Folklife Festival.

The three features this year are “NASA: Fifty years and Beyond”, “Texas: A Celebration of Music, Food and Wine” AND the reason we were visiting: “Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon” or as it’s also been called “The Last Shangri-la”.

In all the years we have lived in this area we have only been to a handful of the annual Folklife activities. Each year is different.

Summers in Washington DC can be really hot and humid, but that doesn’t seem to stop most people! There was a huge turnout. (On average there are 25 million visitors to the national mall each year.)

To our way of thinking… many times does the Kingdom of Bhutan (pronounced bOOtän’) come calling!

Bhutan has also been called “the last place on the roof of the world”.

One of their guiding principles is their “gross national happiness”.

This temple was built with very ‘vintage’ looking handmade tools right here on the mall. You can see the famous Washington Monument in the background.
The craftsmanship and artistry are just breathtaking. It will be moved to Texas when the festivities end.

Placing environmental concerns and spiritual wellbeing over rampant capitalism sets this country, just half the size of Indiana, apart .

Here is someone spinning yak wool.

A blacksmith/bladesmith created intricate swords and knives. He worked side by side with a silversmith.

A monk chanting blessings for all.

A sand mandala in the making….

There were wonderful performances and here you can see a lady in native dress. We seem to have lots more photos of Bhutanese men for some reason.

We enjoyed a juicy slice of watermelon, even at the risk of getting all drippy and sticky, it was very refreshing in the heat.

We had an amazing adventure, both days, full to the brim with new sights and sounds and we took oodles of pictures.

2 responses to “Land of the Thunder Dragon

  1. oh how wonderful… these pix so remind me of all my travels to the east. thanx for sharing


  2. I can assure you that what you saw in this fair is like 25% of what Bhutan is…My wife and I went there and were simply amazed…

    Came to your blog because this entry’s link came as a related post. Do check out our entry on our trip to Bhutan…That is if you want…


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts means a lot to me and I appreciate your visit very much oxo

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