Happy Birthday Big Boy!

On a blazing hot day twenty years ago a beautiful precious baby boy was born.

It was a planned home birth; a perfect day to stay put and out of the 100+ degree temperatures. We are so blessed.


We Love you more than words could ever say dear Colin.

This song is for you, click it!

Happy Birthday to YOU!


“When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son.” ~The Talmud

6 responses to “Happy Birthday Big Boy!

  1. Happy Birthday Colin!!
    And welcome to your 20s! 😉 (I’m “only” 21 cough cough, but I bet these are the most fun, lol)


  2. Happy Birth Day to Mom and Dad as well…..


  3. I know that my children have made me a better person…
    what a blessing.



  4. Happy Birthday to you, Dear Colin

    I love the quote about “sons”!!! So True!


  5. I missed his birthday!!! I remember Colin telling me and his classmates that he was delivered at home (4th grade). Wow!!! Tell C a happy belated birthday from his old teacher. And to enjoy his 20’s. 🙂


  6. Happy Birthday to him! Good for you with the home birth. My BFF did that with her first…a water birth.


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