Little Boxes

A few years ago, a local altered artists group got together for a play date, which is always fun! Thanks to Michelle Lum Ho sharing her know how and for guiding us in the process.

We created little ‘shrines’ using box parts. Everyone’s ideas were so unique and different. Here are a couple of little shrines that I created.

1 bonnielass

Bonnie Lassie began from a purple jewelry box bottom, which measured 2.25 x 8.25 inches (approximately 5.7 x 20.9 centimeters). Special paper, lightweight bookboard (chipboard), images, tuille, lace and bits of this and that all went into the creation of this piece.1 bonnielassieinsideThe little blue Voyage/Enjoy Life shrine began from a matchbox bottom, measuring 1.75 x 2 inches (approx 4.4 x 5 centimeters)

1 voyage

it was fun tucking little bits of this and that into my matchbox shrine along with an old photo booth photo on the left that I collaged onto a tiny playing card1 voyageinside


11 responses to “Little Boxes

  1. Wow Patty they are fantastic.
    Lovely boxes and the details are great.
    Love them.


  2. stunning !! fantastic work !!


  3. They are so beautiful x


  4. I love the blue voyage shrine. Hard to believe it is only 1.75 x 2 inches!


  5. WOW! They look so great! Very nice.


  6. Theay are gorgeous!


  7. klasse idee und deine boxen sehen fabelhaft aus,Patty!!


  8. oooh I really like the box parts shrines, I have TONS of little boxes….I love little boxes, made of ticky tacky, doooo do do


  9. Your boxes are fantastic Patty


  10. Loved looking at the boxes. Very nice work. I am so glad I took time to go to your blog today. I would have missed so much. You are always one step ahead of me!!!


  11. thanks for sharing this great idea with us..I have loads of those little bottles that contact lenses come in and now I know what to do with them..put them in a shrine..great work


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