* Woot * Woot *

If you notice off to the right on my sidebar, I have a couple of clickable links! I finally got our sweet young son (just turned twenty) to hold still long enough and help me……….oh heck, he did it all. Modestly, he claims all it required was asking Google the right question and using html code……easy for him to say.

I must give a special thank you to Alison, she gave us encouragement and a tip that made things click. Thank you so much! ! ! Alison is a newer blogger than I am and managed to figure it out all by herself.

Thank you to our sweet boy! I am SO tickled to finally be closer to being able to do the widget (?) thingy myself…..and I have our son home for the summer just in case I might need assistance 😉

“For all knowledge and wonder (which is the seed of knowledge) is an impression of pleasure in itself.” ~Francis Bacon

5 responses to “* Woot * Woot *

  1. Stunning, absolutely stunning.
    Gorgeous image and brilliant colors.


  2. Thank you for the mention Patty – I feel chuffed to bits that I actually helped someone with technical stuff!! We may be oceans apart, but we’re one big blogging community! Another great page! ;0) x


  3. Loved this page too, I like the theme and the colors.


  4. Beautiful, as always!!
    So, NOW, if I ask you ‘how do you do this” – you might be able to tell me, because your son is teaching you???LOL I am still striving to make my blog as sharp as yours!!!!


  5. oh my that angel page is stunning!! love the little guys in their car….your sound effects are perfect!!


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