Bippity Boppity Ball Gown

I’ve joined in on a Paper Whimsy (PW) Forum project. We are required to use at least two PW embellishments (no images) for our ball gown.

My first gown measures about nine inches (22.86 centimeters).

It all began with a piece of rusty metal (now the bodice) that had the odd shape of a dress (some of it is now hidden).

The purple fabrics came from a little girls costume that I happened upon in a local thrift shoppe. The glittery green chiffon is something I’ve been using in my fabric ATCs lately. Theresa Martin was kind enough to share some Paper Whimsy goodies with me. I used some Lovely green ribbon and wired green leaf garland as my PW embellishments on this gown.

This is something new and different for me. It certainly is lots of fun!

3 responses to “Bippity Boppity Ball Gown

  1. I tried to post a comment, and it got eaten and spewed into cyberspace never to be seen again. Because I like this piece so well I’m going to try again.

    This may be my favorite of all the ones I’ve seen. I love the soft femininity. Purple is one of my favorite colors. The shades you used blend perfectly together and work so well with the shimmering green.

    If I ever try my hand at this art form, it will be because of your beautiful work.


  2. These are just the lovliest colors!!! Beautiful gown any girl would be proud of!!


  3. These are obviously fairy gowns, that any tiny fairy would be proud to have in her wardrobe!!!!


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