altered greeting card

This flowered card arrived recently with a Paper Whimsy (PW) order.

A lovely thank you that I’m sure everyone gets with their order; a very nice touch, don’t you think. I admired it for awhile and then had the idea of using a craft knife to cut around a few of the flowers. I made a little place to add a PW girl behind the flowers.

I gave her a set of wings, another girl’s hair bow and a little curlique snippet from a PW collage sheet, along with one of the lovely flowers that PW sells………waste not want not as my Mother always says!

Oh, I also put a puff dot behind her head so she’s dimensional looking in person.

“Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.” ~Euripides
Greek tragic dramatist (484 BC – 406 BC)

11 responses to “altered greeting card

  1. Love this! You’re so clever, ~*~Patty!


  2. Oh no what a fantastic idea and lovely card.
    The Girl in the flowers is really lovely.
    Fantastic work again and again.


  3. Just been through your Blog, some really fabulous work, just my sort of style, love it


  4. very sweet way to recycle the lovely card, patty!! she’s looks right at home….


  5. Gorgeous card, love all the wonderful colors!!!!


  6. Really beautiful!


  7. What a great idea! The card is gorgeous – the colors are wonderful and that extra flower fits in perfectly


  8. Super schön deine Collage. Schönes Wochenende 😉


  9. You’ve given me a reason to save cards that AREN’T handmade too! Beautiful!


  10. Gorgeous, love it!


  11. Fabulous card! Very clever idea!


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