Chihuly – Legion of Honor

After going up into the tower at de Young and taking oodles of photos of the 360 degree panoramic views of San Francisco, we decided to clear our heads and give our eyes and legs a little rest. We paused for tea and a snack at the nearby Japanese Tea Garden.

Then we headed across town to another amazing San Francisco museum, the Legion of Honor. Three more pieces of Dale Chihuly’s glass masterpieces are displayed there until the end of this month. I sure wouldn’t want to do the packing on that move!

Dale Chihuly (B. 1941)

Sun, 1999 Blown Glass

We were imagining what this sun burst would look like wet……it was just glorious and outrageous sparkling in the bright California sunshine

Aquamarine Three-Tiered Chandelier 2008

A friend, Brandie, who introduced me to Dale Chihuly’s work several years ago, has a wonderful Chihuly ‘style’ chandelier that is so beautiful and grand hanging in her great room.

Sea Blue & Green Tower 2004 (interesting title….)

“Glass is the most magical of all materials. It transmits light in a special way … I’m pleased that my art appeals to so many people of all ages. As a parent and an artist, I’m especially looking forward to leaving a legacy at The Children’s Museum, a place where I hope my work brings joy to children who visit from all over the world.” ~Dale Chihuly

And here, if you have a few more minutes and would like to hear from the master himself talking about his life, art, what inspires him and how glass is like honey, a video:

3 responses to “Chihuly – Legion of Honor

  1. I am in a state of sugar shock from all this visual candy. Wow-wee. I want that tree and of course the perfect setting it goes with!


  2. I was thrilled to see the works of this amazing artist when the Phoenix Museum featured him several years ago. Stunning.
    xo Rella


  3. Stunning – I have seen several of his exhibits, each more powerful than the next. What a great city to see his work in. Wish i could have been there.


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