Love Bug Art Car

Just off Robson Street near our hotel in Vancouver we came upon this eye popping altered car…

*you can click on any of the photos for a better look*

we felt like the little girl in the picture = totally in awe…

Rich in geegaws, deities, trinkets and more…

with an actual working water fountain…

we had to buy a new memory card for our digital camera after this and our original one held a lot of pictures!!!

11 responses to “Love Bug Art Car

  1. wow!!! what a car!!! one in a million 😀


  2. Un-Bee-lievable. If I had more time I would have to study it for a bee…there must be one on there. Talk about mixed media!


  3. wow that car is the BOMB!!!!
    i owned two vintage ‘bugs’ and now have a tornado red new one 🙂
    (that is very dirty!)
    i love all the wonderful things that cover it
    thanks for sharing
    enjoy your day


  4. oh how ding dang fun is that? i’ve always wanted to make an art car…we have an annual contest in Minneapolis…



  5. park that car around here and in less than 15 mins.. there would be nothing left on it 😉


  6. What an amazing vehicle!! I would love to own a car like that. How fun.


  7. A superbly altered VW – so cool!!!


  8. Deine Fotos sind fantastisch Patti


  9. Hi Patty, I arrived here from Ed’s Place and I’m so glad she linked to you. I love this art car and when I read that you found it on Robson St. in Vancouver BC. I did a double take thinking a small world for I live about 350 miles northeast of Vancouver. You have a wonderful blog and one I will be back to often. That’s why I’ve left you soemthing on my blog


  10. Oh this is awesome! Wouldn’t it be fun to do this? I think my DH would think I’d lost if for sure! 😀 Marva


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