2 October….on this day…..PEACE and think Pink

On this day, fifty years ago my baby sister Joie was born.  What a happy and special time.  She is celebrating in London this week, that lucky duck!   Happy Happy Birthday Liebes Schwesterlein! ooxoxoo

Also on this day in 1869 the internationally esteemed peacemaker and Indian philosopher Mahatma Karamchand Ghandi was born. He is often quoted and dearly beloved all over the globe; a true model of peace.

On a recent trip to San Francisco we came upon this statue of him standing near the Ferry Building *click for a closer view*

Back in March, I used this quote in my altered book on India with my tribute to Bapu“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Please take a minute when you can to click on the Peace globe gallery button on my sidebar, just under The Pink Artist button.  This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month something else that could use your attention.  The October 15 deadline is fast approaching, find out more at marvelous Monica’s Girl Gone Thread Wild here.

To find out more about the awesome Peace project, a vision made reality by the amazing Mimi Lenox, you can click on The Peace Globe button on the sidebar or the highlighted words underlined in this paragraph.  Check it out, do your part to help spread Peace on the planet.  Something extra special will be happening in blogland on 6 November 2008 = “Dona Nobis Pacem” (Latin for “Grant Us Peace”)

For all the dets, go here.  Bring PEACE with you wherever you go.  I saw a bumper sticker today, it read:  “Anything war can do Peace can do better”


”I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world” ~ Sadako Sasaki

A special thank you goes out to Estivalia in Chile for helping me get the Peace Globe Button on my sidebar.  I could not have done it without you E! ooxoo

3 responses to “2 October….on this day…..PEACE and think Pink

  1. I have that quote in a rubber stamp and just love it.

    xo Rella
    Have a beautiful day my friend.


  2. I am overwhelmed. Your peace globe is gorgeous. Really inspiring. Thank you so much for promoting and displaying the badge.

    And the best part? A blogger from Chile helps a blogger from Virginia …..and the essence of peace begins.



  3. There was an article in the local paper – JMU just received a statue that looks much like the one you show – of Ghandi – and commissioned a local artist to create a base for it. Apparently a first in the area. Very cool!


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