Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes

We have had our tickets for this performance at Washington National Cathedral (sixth largest cathedral in the world) for awhile. This past weekend on a visit to a thrift shop, this beautiful hand carved and painted spoon jumped off a book shelf at me.  I could almost not believe my eyes when I saw the whirling dervish design.  I can honestly say I have never seen anything ‘whirling dervish’ before other than in a movie once long ago 🙂

Here is how the performance is billed, I am so excited!

“Delight in an evening of mystical love poetry, sacred music, and prayerful whirling movement in this interfaith program, featuring whirling dervishes and musicians from Rumi’s own Turkish Mevlevi Sufi Order, headed by his direct descendant.

Recognized as one of the greatest mystics and poets of Islam, Rumi attracts spiritual seekers from almost every religion in the world, inviting them into the mystical realm of Sufism. Experience this inspired spiritual leader and great lover of humanity in the poetry and whirling dance of the Mevlevi Sufi Order of Turkey, founded by Rumi’s son. Faruk Celebi Efendi, a direct descendant of Rumi, leads the Order and offers opening remarks. Rumi’s poetry and a troupe of whirling dervishes are joined by singers and musicians for this extraordinary interfaith experience.”

In Rumi’s words, (there are so many beautiful quotes):

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I will meet you there.” ~Jalal ad-Din Rumi, Persian Poet and Mystic, 1207-1273

10 responses to “Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes

  1. Oh Patty, I love when I hear a story like this….what a beautiful spoon and I’m sure the performance will prove to be beautiful as well…have a wonderful time! Janet


  2. What a divine spoon Patty! I can’t believe you found it on a bookshelf… it must’ve been waiting for you! I hope you enjoy yourselves – though I’m sure you will. I’ll be shaking my tambourine with you *in spirit*!!


  3. I am a huge Rumi fan and I am sooo jealous! I saw a program once on the whirling dervishes…I can see where that could be a wonder-full place to go…


  4. I have never seen a spoon like that – what fate – that it ‘found’ you as you were going to see a performance!!! I would love to see them in person – have seen it on tv only!


  5. how cool – it looks like one of those windmill things that your rub back and forth in the palms of your hand and they twirl… except the windmill thing takes off like a helicopter


  6. Love the spoon, Love the story, what a find! I will be awaiting a follow up story after the performance, just amazing!


  7. hastingshall2

    What wonderful serendipity!!! I hope you will post something about your trip to the Washington Cathedral and the whirling dervishes program.


  8. Wow, you were meant to find that spoon! Such a neat treasure. Ahhhhh, a night out and a very interesting performance, good for you!


  9. That’s some pretty cool synchronicity. “Each moment is eternal.”

    I think your whirling dervishes were far more expert than those I saw. And wow, descended from Rumi himself!! I had no idea he existed, so cool.


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