Leaf Peeping on the Blue Ridge

“Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees.” ~Faith Baldwin

We left the ghosts and goblins of Northern Virginia last Thursday and headed to Southwest Virginia and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The weather was stellar and the foliage amazing.

*All photos are clickable for a little larger view*


We missed Mabry Mill in its full fall splendor by about one week.


It is located up on the Blue Ridge Parkway (elevation 2855 feet) where more wind and rain chase the leaves a little sooner.

This is one of those charming spots worth visiting anytime, in every season.

There are huge rhododendron bushes everywhere already fat with buds for next spring’s color.

We stayed at Dutchie’s View Bed & Breakfast in Woolwine, Virginia.

The views during the day of the surrounding mountains were spectacular as were the starry moonlit skies at night.


There are two covered bridges nearby, both crossing over the Smith River.  This is the 80 foot Bob White Covered Bridge built back in 1921.


And the smaller Jack’s Creek Covered Bridge built in 1914.


Our Indian Summer has been so sunny and bright…..


We traveled along The Crooked Road, Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail, mostly in Floyd and Patrick Counties


with time to walk in the forest of Fairy Stone Park.  The best part of our trip south was getting to spend time with our son oxoxoo


falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly
~John Bailey, Haiku

footnote: I am entering this post in Ana’s Friday Archive Dive 9 September 2011 here

13 responses to “Leaf Peeping on the Blue Ridge

  1. Beautiful pix – as usual!!! The colors are about the same here -they appear more vivid when viewing them with sunglasses on- looking thru rose colored glasses, as it were.. LOL


  2. Wonderful photos Patty ~ you really make me feel you are in your element surrounded by all this beauty of Nature!
    Thanks for popping over to my blog! I am mildly hysterical at the moment prepping for the Craft Fair. I probably have too much stock, but better than too little I guess! I really believe my table will come as a shock to people – bearing in mind we are in a rural farming community! I’d probably be more at home in Bohemian Birghton, but hey-ho!! *gg* 😉


  3. Sorry… that should be Brighton! See what I mean about hysteria???


  4. Lovely photos – I am so envious of that bright blue sky!!!


  5. Stunning pictures Patty!! Our colours are less vivid and with the storms we had yesterday, a lot came down.


  6. Breathtaking! I sure miss the Blue Ridge…


  7. Patty – your photos are awesome! Beautiful fall colors!


  8. hi patty
    glorious pix!!
    thanks for sharing them-i have never been to the blue ridge-but seeing your post makes me want to even more 🙂
    enjoy your day


  9. Beautiful & beautiful.


  10. what a lovely place..I love the colours of the autumn leaves and that little water mill looks lovely. We have lots of trees near where we live and I think it must be my favourite time of year. In my back garden I have a plant called a virginia creeper which has the most amazing coloured leaves like the trees in your photos. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog and I am glad that you have a new president in the US.


  11. Beautiful photos Patty. I’m enjoying the colors in Virginia this year – I don’t ever remember seeing them this pretty.


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  13. hi Patty, thank you for diving in way back and sharing this little break. your photos remind me all that i have to look forward to this fall. those colours!

    and those covered bridges are wonderful aren’t they? i have never seen one in person… yet.


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