I am really taken with chunky wooden ‘canvases’…..Thank you ABAA!  My first wooden ATCs were .75 inches thick.  This ATC measures 1.5 inches.  Having wider sides gives all the more room to play!

This one has a foundation of pattern tissue and why not while I was all sticky from creating my chunky arch for MMM last night.  My husband even cut some 1.5 inch chunky arch shapes!


I Love this quote from Oprah, it is so nice to feel more hopeful about the future and the present again… has taken many years.  I actually mean that on a personal level, learning to live again after the loss of a child almost ten years ago.  I realize now when you say the words “hope” and “change” people may be thinking politics.

“When I look into the future it’s so bright it burns my eyes” ~Oprah Winfrey


6 responses to “Paradise

  1. Wow wow wow I´ve missed my words.
    This is fantastic.


  2. Beautiful work here Patty. Love and continued healing sent from here ~


  3. It’s lovely Patty. Sorry to hear of your loss…I lost twins 10 years ago and I know how you feel. xx


  4. ok, hubby and PJ Girl are officially out of my hair tomorrow and I have some hunks of wood to play with…look out girl, you really started something here!


  5. I have just followed the link to your blog from’Rusty Cage 11′ I could stay here for hours admiring your is really impressive. i will be back!


  6. I love these chunkies!!! I need to work on using up some of my old patterns…they make a lovely background. I haven’t read about your losing your child…It is so painful. I lost our first child…after 24 hours…that was 29 years ago. I wish you well. Laurie


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