Alter a Tin: Dream

Over at Awfully Big Art Adventure we are altering tins this week.  So many tins, so little time 🙂  I am a tin, of all kinds, collector. When I have time, I like heating them on a grill to blister off the paint and give instant patina to the metal.  You can find out more about how I do that, here.  I also like coating ungrilled tins with gesso and painting them.

Here is my recycled mint tin…..”dream”.    After applying gouache, smoothing and then dabbing with my fingers for texture, I also used some Golden’s Quinacridone Gold paint to help give the rusted look.  I then collaged the long haired lady under a two inch glass slide with a Forget Me Not blossom, a sprig of Artemesia (Sweet Annie), angelina fibers and netting; edging it with copper metal tape (no soldering).   I attached that on top of netting and paper with double sided sticky tape.

tindreamtop tinsideviewThese are something I would like to make lots more of.

“If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.” ~Flavia

9 responses to “Alter a Tin: Dream

  1. Really…you cook it on the grill!! lol…What will my hubbie say when he picks up the lid and its not dinner.LOL…I’ve got to go check this out!Laurie


  2. Hi Patty, you didn’t get my mail I think! I want to ask you if we may put a link to your blog, to the tutorial about inchie ornament? In Holland we’ve got a were we show the Dutch bloggers tutorials from other artists we’ve found.


  3. Oh wow wow wow wow this is truly amazing.
    So wonderful Tin. Love them.

    Have a great weekend my friend.


  4. Absolutely beautiful work – I love that image and the netting. Thank you for sharing the tutorial on grilling tins … and for joining in our challenge.
    Rosie ABAA


  5. This is just fascinating. Thank you for sharing your process. I also enjoyed reading about how you grill the tins. I will have to try that if my husband will let me do something so noxious…it is HIS grill. Happy Pink Saturday!


  6. I really like that rusty effect you have created Patty. Your tin is a work of art! Thank you again for inspiring us all…
    Linda x


  7. Lovely tin, I like the netting and the word “dream” just finishes it off nicely. Jaqi


  8. Your tin is so lovely! I remember your fabulous tutorial for aging the tins in a BBQ …. I will try that when summer returns to us!


  9. your tin is wonderful. Love the netting and the fibers…great touch. And the image is fabulous.


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