The Old Pine Tree

I had been fumbling with a ‘winter tree’ challenge for the Art Techniques ATC Yahoo Group monthly challenge..

This lovely lady is an image from a bag of Ethiopian coffee, (thanks again Carol oxo).  I decided it would make  a nice start  for the Theme Thursday “Green and Brown” Challenge.  Well, as one thing is known to lead to many others, here is my Green and Brown Winter Tree Artist Trading Card (ATC).


The ATC needed a little something else, so I Googled Ethiopia, it turns out there is a much loved song dating back to 1849 called  The Old Pine Tree.  Had I found out that tidbit before I used a security envelope as background with green vellum glued over it, I might have used part of the music sheet.

This came together as so many pieces do, one step leading me to the next.  I also found out that Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world and that the coffee bean is thought to have originated there.

8 responses to “The Old Pine Tree

  1. My, my,my, Patty! I adore it. My vote is for the background as you have it, not with the sheet music…this is the perfect background texture. She’s a beauty. I have a stamp of very similar aspect, if you’d like to stamp a few when next we meet? It’s so nice to stop over for a visit without driving half a state away to do it! C’mon over sometime!!


  2. Wow Patty this is very impressive.
    Looks great.


  3. Love the tribal feel of your ATC.


  4. She’s gorgeous, and I loved the story of how the card came together. Thanks for sharing the tidbits about coffee and Ethiopia! Happy Holidays to you and yours.


  5. fab Patty! I also love the background as you have it, nice texture kind of like the inside of husk or shell of a nut.


  6. As always..beautiful!
    Now I know all this about coffee…it tastes even better. Want some snow? its about knee deep here, I am sure we can spare you Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  7. what a beautiful piece of art.


  8. Through art, you learn!!!!


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