art heals

On the side of a gas station in Blacksburg, Virginia is a wonderful and inspirational mosaic covering the side wall.

This particular snippet speaks to me…….again and again…….


“Eventually you will come to understand that Love heals everything, and, Love is all there is.” ~Gary Zukav, American Author

3 responses to “art heals

  1. It somehow seems appropriate that it would be on the side of a gas station …. rather than in a cathedral or on a monument. It’s a thought meant for the every day human living the not every day experience.


  2. I have a distant…ever distant vision of a mosiac or twenty I want to create using a combination of treasures from my life, the rusting tools I inherited from my father, the stained glass bits I also got from him and couldn’t release, and the jars and jars of lovely soft sea-tumbled pottery I pick up on my beach two blocks away. Think beach glass, but pottery instead. This piece somehow draws that distant vision closer, though not enough to touch, yet…


  3. The outside of that gas station gives hope for the inside!!!


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