The Key to My Mind

Gale has issued a brilliant challenge for the Paper Whimsy Forum group.  She provided a limited edition collage sheet that participants all start out with.  There are certain criteria… for example, use a key, door, flower, fish, the color blue in your collage; all inspired by the beautiful poem by Hilda Conkling.

A little stone door to my mind

Opens and shuts with a musical sound.

There is a gold key

Locks the door;

The door is carved like lace.

Spirits fly in and out.


Of love and things I ought to know.

Through the lacework of stone

Comes a sweet melody saying

Happiness… purity… strangeness


This the first thing I’ve created since being away for a few weeks and it feels so good to make something again.  For my background I used a photo of an old *watering can*.

*to clarify, it’s a closeup pic of a rusting watering can, so you cannot actually see the can just the metal 🙂

21 responses to “The Key to My Mind

  1. This is stunning–wonderful collage, Patty! I love the colors–can’t find the watering can, though–maybe I’m blind . . . I’ll look again later! Smiles, Jann


  2. ooo patty! this is fabulous! i love that you used your own texture photo for the background!!! it makes it all yours!

    you did good, lady….glad you are back to creating, the blog world just wasn’t the same without your ~*~ presence…


  3. wunderschön geworden,Patty!


  4. Your post came in my email with Sanibel Alerts. I don’t know what kind of flower that is, but now I’m curious and have to find it. 🙂


  5. Thats gorgeous Patty – and using the pattern on the old watering can is a brilliant idea! Must remember that one……
    Love Linda 🙂


  6. It’s gorgeous!


  7. Wow, Patty!
    What a grat work.
    I like it!
    Hugs Tine


  8. I’m BaCk! This time with my name spelled correctly!

    Now I can’t seem to find the watering can, will return to the picture later and maybe t will pop out at me! You know how I love watering cans


  9. hi patty
    lucious color and the placement of the key!
    i love the fish 🙂
    enjoy your day


  10. OMG OMG OMG Patty this is outstanding. So fantic piece of art. Love them.


  11. Patty, this one is so very unique as if your creativity was unleashed to flow anew after being held back and saved up during your break for rest and relaxation.

    I returned from a visit to the hospital to visit my dad (the patient) and my mom to find a most wonderful surprise. Your prize gift was a delight from the red, white and blue patriotic mailing envelope and Betty Davis stamps (she’s always been one of my favorites) all the way to the final unveiling. The little package wrapped in pretty yellow floral fabric trimmed with lace and a vintage advertisement was almost too perfect to unwrap. How could the contents be any more precious?? Your chunky wooden altered art is wonderful. The photo preview did not do justice to the rich colors, glittery sparkle and textures …I love it, will display it proudly and thank you for sharing with me. I’m so glad I won…receiving it today made my day!



  12. It’s really beautiful


  13. OK, Patty, second time around is charmed, I re-read your piece and looked again and yes indeedy, I do see the rusty metal in the background. sometimes I am so literal! I guess I choose to look for a watering can! HA!


  14. Gorgeous!! I love the rusted watercan background. Amazing texture! I love your PW poem challenge collage . Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments! 🙂



  15. Gorgeous Patty! Glad your back!


  16. Simply stunning, Patty! The rusted watercan background is gorgeous. A really fabulous creation!


  17. that is absolut fantastic!


  18. Great to have you back and creating again Patty. Beautiful background in this piece, it really took me some time to see everything, I like it when that happens 🙂


  19. Beautiful. I love the doors that you used.



  20. Unique. Love it.


  21. Patty, I just finished my entry for Gale’s PW challenge and I need some help, as I don’t know how to post it to the Forum (and I hate to pester Gale with another query!) Can you give me some guidelines? Thanks in advance!


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