The brilliant challenge over at Awfully Big Art Adventure is to alter a rock.  Now that is something I just happen to have plenty of.  This rock is from the Moorman River near Charlottesville, Virginia. The river bed was full of lovely flat rocks of all different sizes and colors and like seashells they look extra tempting when they are wet!


After a coat of Lumiere paint, I used Matte Gel Medium to glue a couple of my favorite papers around the image of a garden ornament we have hanging out back.  The tiny seashells are recent acquisitions.  While vacuuming today I noticed a pearl bead on the carpet, luckily it was not sucked up.  After I had the shells glued on my rock, I knew the pearl would be the perfect finishing touch inside the jingle shell!


The word Balance really speaks to me…….it is something I continually strive for.

“Work, love and play are the great balance wheels of man’s being” ~Orison Swett Marden

And another quote; there are lots on balance in life:

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” ~Barbara De Angelis

15 responses to “Balance

  1. Fabulous rock. Ocean blue and all.


  2. beautiful rock : ) I, too, have maaaany rocks available where I live, but I never though of altering them. Maybe a smaller one could serve as a magnet.

    The ones that are painted like animals are very creative and pretty.


  3. Beautiful! The image, the rock, the shells, the color all are in perfect balance 🙂


  4. I love your rock!!A wonderful makeover from drab to smashing!!! I am actually working on one – I hope I get it done in time to show off- on my other blog!!!! LOL


  5. Such fun to see a rock collaged 🙂 it is lovely.
    I was looking at your Pink Sunday Post…I think the flower is a Frittalaria.
    You found some beautiful pinks in Florida.


  6. So much to enjoy …. the pattern around the edge, the colours, the face (must be a wonderful garden ornament!) and the quotes. Just gorgeous Patty.
    So glad you joined in with us.
    Linda xox


  7. Lovely work Patty – I love that it’s a piece of rock from your river bed, and know that it’s totally true what you say about balance. The turquoise and gold are so good together, and the whole piece is surprisingly delicate. Thanks for taking part in our challenge again.


  8. ooo patty!!! beautiful! and that quote about how much we give away – wow!! sooo true! beautiful colors and image….what a wonderful post!!


  9. Dear Patty, I lost you email. ( sorry).so I am thanking you here for you wonderful comments on my post, thank you for visiting me on my blog!
    Missed having you
    Love the rock, waiting for things to clear up here so I can find some too..would love to try
    Lovely colors and yes..”balance” you hit it on the spot!!!


  10. OMG Patty your stone is fantastic.
    Unbelievable work. Love them.


  11. Just beautiful Patty, really lovely Well done Jaqi


  12. Patty, this is gorgeous and such a great use of the stone, I bet it feels great to hold in your hand.


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