Altered Puzzle Swap

Our local altered arts group started a fun swap a couple of months ago.  It will run until October of this year.  Each month we alter one person’s puzzle piece according to their specific theme (mine is blue and/or purple).

There are three months where we decorate one of our own pieces in addition to another person’s piece.

Here is the first I decorated for my puzzle


Linda Yeatman and Fran Podlesny were the brains behind getting us all on track.  They labeled the backs of each and every puzzle piece for the ten participants, created a rotation list and explained the process to the group.  They found the perfect size blank puzzles for us here.

here is the piece I decorated for Sandy’s  “purple” theme


In October I should have a completed puzzle to show you with ten different artists pieces

9 responses to “Altered Puzzle Swap

  1. What a beautiful puzzle!!!


  2. Wow wonderful pieces.
    Gorgeous design.


  3. Am I correct in understanding that the end result is a puzzle that can be assembled, in the recipients desired theme, with each piece by a different person? If so, that is absolutely awesome!!! I want to do one now…

    These first pieces are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see others. Let me know when more are posted so I don’t miss them.


  4. Your puzzle pieces are fantastic. I love both the one for yourself and your give away one. Great colors.


  5. Love this idea! roll on October!


  6. exemplary.. !


  7. What an absolutely fabulous idea! They are beautiful…
    Linda 🙂


  8. this is WAY cool – hope to try with some of my artsy friends one day soon. thanks for the post.


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